New extended trailer for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Trailer Simon Brew 8 Jul 2014 - 06:11

In what's likely to be the final trailer for the film, here's an extended look at Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy...

Director James Gunn is finally done and dusted with Marvel's upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy film, and the next job on his list is the press tour for the movie, ahead of its release at the end of this month.

To further whet your appetite for Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel has released a new trailer for the film. This one's an extended look at what to expect, so you get some extra footage for your proverbial money here.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is set to land in UK cinemas on July 31st, and it turns up in the US the day after. Here's the new trailer...

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This film just looks all kinds of Wow

Great trailer. They've all been enjoyable. I'd buy my ticket now if I could. can at fandango...

Why does a WWE wrestler have all the tickets?

It's an angle he's gonna do with Batista.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Can't wait...

I thought this was going to be some nonsense cash in while we wait for the next avenger movie. Have to say though, it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

I haven't been this stoked for a movie since........well, the last marvel movie actually, but it still looks amazing.

Is 12% a Marvel thing now?

WHY do they continue to use really crappy music for TGotG trailers?

This just looks like the most fun ever... I can't wait!

I have been very blah about this years 'SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS' so far. I think though it's because I know this is coming! I didn't even buy into the X-Men: DOFP, and going to wait until I can stream it (legally), but this! THIS looks like a blockbuster! I just hope that it does well! So very excited!

Bickering in space. Now that's what we want. And a better use of 'Cherry Bomb' than the Runaways movie.

The don't.

They don't.

why do you lack taste and understanding

The main character is from Earth, his last possession is his Walkman. He is very attached to this.

I think the songs we hear are the ones he has on his Walkman.

Just a guess though.

I refuse to watch it. Delayed gratification most certainly has it's benefits.

To keep people like yourself away.

Honestly we all hate it. Awful, awful stuff.

Run along now. We'll follow you; honestly we will.

Meet up at the new Turtles film premier yeah? That has a kick ass soundtrack and awesome dialogue. LOVE Michael Bay. BANG BANG! Hahaha! So lolz!

Trolls mostly come out at night; mostly.


You, Joan Jett, outside now!

Now now, leave The Don't out of this. Pretty sure I heard their song, I Will Not Won't It, at 3:15-16.5, as I was playing words with friends.

I'll go ahead and say it: Batista will surprise everyone. He's gonna be great. Can't wait til whatever date I'm to lazy to look up or remember til about late July!

DoG, when do you blokes wotch it, luvv? Don't act like you don't 'ear me ducky!

and lo, the gods of cinema deemed this to be a good trailer.

See I can just accept Rocket as another character but it'll be interesting to see how the general public react to him

I wish I had your will power

Ask me again tomorrow(!). All the best.

They use 1970-80s tracks because Peter listened to those on Earth before he was taken. His Walkman features in every trailer. I would also speculate that from a marketing point of view they have avoided the usual orchestral track to highlight the inherent ultra quirkiness of this film - guerilla tactics.

It sure is. HAIL HYDRA

Is it just me, or does Rocket Racoon sound nothing like Bradley Cooper?

Not a bad thing, just wondering if it was just me!

My expectations for this movie are way too high to be realistic but damn it I have been hyped for this movie since the moment it was announced and it looks look the most fun i'll have at a cinema this year.

I have trouble believing it's Bradley Cooper because his voice sounds so alien, not just because it's coming from a raccoon either, something about the tone is different. I like it but it doesn't sound like his usual voice.

You have to remember that Bradley Cooper is pretty good at doing other voices. Look up his impersonations on youtube.

I had no idea, he's very good actually.

I can't help but think of Joe Pesci when I hear Bradley Coopers Rocket voice.

Hail 12% of Hydra

Hail 12% it is

Ol Michael Rooker looks like he's havin a blast! Now I REALLY can't wait!

Well I had my doubts on the comedy, it just didn't click. Now I see why. Editing. Trust me, this one shows just a little more of a certain scene, but enough to put popcorn on my hand. You should check it out.

Man this looks awesome.

Guardians > Episode VII

Bluetista! Oh wait, in this he's more of a greentista...

Thank you - I can see you have good intentions. But - nopey nopey nope nope.

I thought Bradley Cooper was taller...

Methinks "I am Groot" will soon become the new "Hodor".

Hodor not think. Hodor.

I had my doubts about him but he seems like he's doing a job in the trailer. I guess we'll find out when the film comes out.


To close to release, so I will give this a pass. Not that I needed another trailer to run to the cinema when this one comes out.

The other 4 are established actors. And he's good at beating people up. If he can do both, he might move up to the Rock status. I mean, even Kevin Nash has a good filmography, though he's relatively unnoticeable around the other actors... But NOT as the Russian in Punisher. Killed it.

It isn't especially spoilerific, treat yourself!

I'm starting to feel like I am being surrounded by a bunch of very persuasive drug pushers. It's Prometheus all over again. Oh God!!!

If an actor is going do a voice very different to his natural one, why not hire someone (anyone) with that voice? See also: Mike Myers (a Canadian) being hired to voice a Scottish ogre. I know about his origins but I've been led to believe that there's an entire nation of more authentic Scottish accents somewhere north of England that Hollywood could have chosen from.

When does Michael Rooker not look like he's having a blast?

I cannot think of one instance!

I love Rocket's laugh at the end.



Hail Hydra!

I'm with you Mcgoohan! I don't watch trailers, especially those of films I know I'm going to see anyway... Stay strong, my friend!

There are plenty of reasons to hire someone. There's a lot more to voice acting than just your accent!
Maybe Bradley Cooper just does the lines really well. Maybe they want more star power. Maybe he has a voice that they're looking for that they didn't quite find elsewhere.

With your Shrek example - sure, there are a lot of authentic Scottish people, but I don't think the entirety of Shrek's character is based on how Scottish accents sound. Mike Myers was brilliant as Shrek, and I think most people would say that has little to do with his accent. He plays the character very well - I assume it's the same with Bradley Cooper and Rocket.

Bautista was good in Riddick...

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. No one was having fun in that movie.

I'll check it out eventually... But chronicles of riddick put me in a coma.

Haha. Oh dear. I have no idea if you'll like it then. It is more like Pitch Black than Chronicles, but still, the disc version is an 'extended director's cut' that perhaps didn't need said extension...

An argument could be made for 15%.

They are, the cassette that has been featuring is a mixtape, the tracklist has been released to the internet.

Maybe when it's on TV.

he's just a really good method actor. same with diesel as groot. they spent a lot of time in a forest with trees and raccoons to get their personality quirks and mannerisms down.

To that Hodor can only Hodor Hodor.

Hodor on, my dear. Hodor on.

Damn, that looks good!

I'm inclined to agree. From what I've read about the recent preview, it seems that part of the character he plays is that he defies appearances and is actually quite articulate. The way he speaks in interviews makes Batista out to be somewhat similar in real-life, so I don;t see why he can't pull off this version of Drax very well.

Yeah I read the article yesterday and said to myself "myself, we were right", so now I can't wait to see it on screen

Heh, nice

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