New UK trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy

Trailer Simon Brew 17 Jun 2014 - 09:14

For the completists amongst you, here's another trailer for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. It's a British one...

There's just over a month to go now before we finally get to see the latest fruits of Marvel Studios' labours, in the shape of James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy film. Given the chunter about Ant-Man that's dominated the last month, Marvel will be hoping it switches the attention back to its successes rather than its recent director search.

The UK is getting Guardians Of The Galaxy a day earlier than the US, with a July 31st release date as opposed to August 1st. And as an added bonus, there's also a UK trailer for the film that's just been released. So, without further ado, cast your peepers over this...

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"You just wanna suck the joy outta everything"... Rocket must know my wife. (i'll pay for that later, if she sees this)

Feels a lot more epic and serious than the previous ones - at least it keeps some of the humour in it towards the end though.

Needs more CGI.

More CGI is never a good thing.

They wouldn't even be attempting the film without CGI considering one of the characters is a talking raccoon and it's not like it won't feature practical effects and massive sets too.Enjoyed the humour and attention to Quills' backstory in the new trailer .Still,no Thanos in the advance promotional footage so far though,i note.

CGI is neither good nor bad on its own. It is how it's used that determines that

Also,i'm pretty sure all the bodies slaving to finish the movie in post production are totally appreciating your generous enthusiasm for their work to realise the film for us. Well done.

Unless it's a pixar film....

I'm done with watching more trailers, recently they just keep ruining films....

Best one yet. The humour really comes across in that one. Cannot wait

I want this so bad I can taste it.

i hope i love this film as much as i want to love!

Needs more music from the Awesome Mixtape Vol. 1

Still worth it, though, right?

I'd heard it was yo' mama ;)


For me though it's for a different reason. Trailers do not ruin films for me. What they do is hype them up to an un-achievable level meaning that I will no doubt be let down somehow.

All we need is ONE trailer per film.

Now days we have several, building us up and up and up and up. Even if the film is good, we will be let down due to the hype machine.

oh no you didn't!

Still think this one is very restrained compared to others (mentioning no spiderm...err names), even when you include the first two, but I can understand

JJ, you should probably cancel Star Wars.

This just looks so good.

Compared to the other trailers this one is a bit joyless.

This is going to be f'ing epic, I'm loving the humor which looks less cheesy than in the Thor movies etc.
Marvel is doing so good atm, from Cap 2 to this, "On your left" other studios, on your left indeed.

Looks like a fun popcorn movie that isn't trying to be deeply meaningful and doesn’t take itself so ponderously seriously as so many of its ilk seem want to do and in so doing (to quote Raccoon in the trailer) ‘suck the joy outta everything’. I'm in.

looks alright actually

You'd have thought a UK trailer would have more Karen Gillan in it.

Oh yeah :D

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