Brand new Guardians Of The Galaxy posters land

Poster Simon Brew 12 Jun 2014 - 06:34

More new character posters for James Gunn and Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy have landed...

With Warner Bros' decision to move Jupiter Ascending back to February 2016, Marvel has a pretty clear run at box office success with its second release of the year, Guardians Of The Galaxy. The movie, which opens on August 1st in the US and the day before in the UK, doesn't have too much competition around it, and Marvel will be hoping that one of its biggest gambles thus strikes gold.

The film's been directed by James Gunn, and a new poster for it has just landed. This one introduces the characters of Rocket and Groot, and we're not sure you need us to say much else. So we won't.

UPDATED: Here are three more character posters too...


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I like the old school look these GotG posters are using. Not sure if they are painted or photoshopped (suspect the latter) but they look good and evoke memories of blockbuster posters of the 80s.

They do seem to have a retro/pulp feel with the promotional posters which is consistent with the production design of the film.Character wise,i'm curious about how a tree can become one of the most dangerous criminals in the Galaxy since trees don't tend to be very aggressive(unless you are drunk.).Not sure if space raccoons are happy or sad when they are firing big guns,but the poster is certainly pretty.

Groot is virtually unkillable - if he is completely blasted to bits he can be entirely regrown from one of the splinters.

With regard to his strength - have you ever seen tree roots break through concrete or tarmac, or climbing vines like ivy pull a wall down?

Agreed about the tree thing. I'm an ecologist and when it's been raining and the roots get full of water, I've seen a mature tree push through and lift house foundations and lamposts. Cheers.

Let's see if we can make them push TMNT back a year, cuz it comes out on the second weekend of gotg. The transformer crowd will surely be there.

"since trees don't tend to be very aggressive(unless you are drunk.)" - I f***ing love this sentence! Many of us have had (and lost) that fight!

I think GOTG will beat TMNT. It has by far a better trailer and I feel it will get better reviews from most publishers, also the word of mouth will be positive. With the kind of money Captain America made, I feel Marvel has the momentum to beat the competition.

Second weekends decrease though. Cap stayed in 1st place, what, 3 weekends? No real competition! Still, I'd rather just agree with you. I have always liked ninja turtles, but gotg is new to me, and now I'm way more of a marvel fan anyway.

I'm a fan of TMNT, I watched it during its run in the late 80s early 90s, but I really don't have much hope for the TMNT film. The Megan Fox casting is obviously for the benefit of teenage boys, she's a terrible actress in general and there is so many better actresses that they could have gone for. From the trailers that I have seen, they're clearly aiming for a more adultescent market but GOTG are aiming for a much wider market. They've got similar humour to general Marvel films but they've also gone for a Sci Fi genre, which I feel will get a lot of people's attention.

Your not wrong about the second weekend, and I know that the transformers have made massive amounts of money but I think GOTG will win out.

Ain't no tellin at this point

Kudos for Marvel for not having Gamora in the obvious Drax-pose!

Yup, she looks a lot more hot and threatening in the poster this way. Like a cat walking towards a mouse.

Also fracking sexy.


Interesting to see Gamora smiling in the poster. She is completely poker-faced in the trailers. Not complaining of course...

Call me weird but Gamora....i would!

Gamora = She Hulk

I'm fairly sure it's just the low image quality.

She really doesn't, Gamora = Gamora.
I could go ahead and list all the differences but if you know your Marvel I shouldn't have to.

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