New trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy

Trailer Simon Brew 19 May 2014 - 18:00

The second trailer for Marvel and James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy had landed. See it right here...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Yep, that's safely made gadzillions of pounds. Avengers: Age Of Ultron? It's filming in the UK right now. Sandwiched between those movies? That'd be James Gunn's film of Guardians Of The Galaxy, that arrives in cinemas on August 1st (or July 31st if you live in the UK, as the release day has edged forward 24 hours over here).

Marvel and Disney have now unleashed the second full trailer for the movie (only after releasing three - three! - trailers for the trailer first), and we've got that for you below these words. We suspect we're not the only ones really rather keen to see how this one shapes up...

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Best use of 'Spirit in the Sky' ever!!

This looks better with every trailer :)

Very polished,cant wait.

I'm really looking forward to this.

Looks awesome. Really, really awesome.

I think it belongs to Quill, since he is human. He probably left Earth in the 80s, which explains the soundtrack. The first trailer has the scene where the prison guard has his headphones, they're also very 80s.
I am ridiculously excited about this film, although I may not get to see it until the DVD release, not through choice of course.

This could probably be the most fun we'll have this summer at the movies!!

If the film is half as good as the soundtrack seems to be its gonna be damn fine.

I'm no real expert but as far as I have been told Peter Quill/ Star Lord leaves Earth and the 1980s tape is the only thing that he has that connects him to his past.

Cannot effin wait!

I haven't read the comic books and although these guys don't have the popularity of Spider-man or Batman, the whole Space Opera mixed into a superhero has got me so excited. I really think this has major hit written all over it. Marvel are like Pixar, in the sense that when you see the logo tied to a film it just gets you so excited that it doesn't matter that the director isn't a big name or the actors are A-listers. Rocket Raccoon just comes across as a major bad ass.

Fantastic trailer. Great to see Knowhere in there. I can still hope that Cosmo might turn up

The Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning run of the comics is really great fun, and highly recommended.

The comics are AWESOME ! (and really funny)

Ugh, this pretty much blows anything DC has out of the water so far. Sad really. DC needs to do a classic JLI (With Booster Gold, Blue Beatle, Fire, Ice Martian Manhunter, etc. etc.) to counter this.

Anything with Booster Gold in it could be awesome.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle...that's a film/mini series/whatever to die for.
And yeah this trailer looks great.

So this isn't Star Wars Ep VII?

This is going to make Star Wars look like the Phantom Menace

Would love to see that, but unfortunately, for most people the classic line up is Superman, Batman etc.

I would love to see Guy Gardner in a movie

that looks awesome!

Ah, but it was originally a sixties song by Norman Greenbaum. The eighties version by Doctor & the Medics was a great cover but it will always be a sixties record to me.
I saw Doctor & the Medics at a weekend festival in London at the height of their fame & enjoyed the show. Having now looked at Wiki I find his name is Clive as is mine & that we also share the same birthday...what a bizarre coincidence & trivial fact I had to share with the world!

Anyone else want a cameo from the Avengers at the end, oblivious to the fact that the universe has just been saved from complete destruction?

Marvel Studios seem unstoppable. Can't wait to see this. As another person below said, they have become the Pixar of comic book movies.

I didn't stop grinning watching this. Can't wait.

Such a cool trailer, Marvel are getting the marketing side of this film spot on, just wish that we had "the Stath" as the voice of Rocket though.

Grinning from ear to ear. Marvel, well done.

Ronan the accuser looks awesome and I think at 1:14 that looks like thanos' ship!!!!

The fact that this got made with such an awesome cast and the Marvel support is one of the coolest things Marvel will ever green light, until Deadpool.

Well Black Bolt hasn't been cast yet

Craziest lookin movie since the 5th a Element! And it doesn't even have Deebo or Smokey!

I'll let her explain

Marked as private for me...

Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close and Benecio Del Torro are not A-listers?
Otherwise I agree with everything else, looks very cool and I couldn't be more excited for a movie.
And it shows Knowhere!!! That probably means Cosmo!!

WOW! That was low! XD

That's it. Created with the universe, it houses a celestial that exists near the edge of the universe..or something like that..

Didn't amp me up for the film the way the first one did. Possibly because of the music.

Can't view it, it says this video is private...

Its the head of a dead Celestial

As a fan who IS VERY familiar with these characters, i have been saying for months that I expect people to be blown away by the "newness/coolness" of GOTG while also loving the way it appears to embrace the spirit & fun of the original Star Wars. And yes--dont mess with Rocket--he will pull an immense gun & blow you away

while its not Thanos' ship(as Gloryhog wrote--its called Knowhere & it is the head of a dead Celestial)--he WILL be a player in this--more than just a head turn and smile per Feige & others at Marvel

something like Captain America and Tony Stark meeting up at Tony's Avenger Tower and as they look out over the city in the night sky there is a small flash (related to an explosion from Guardians) and Cap is like "what was that?" and Tony says "Dunno, probably nothing"

Yes! A city built in the decapitated head of a dead celestial...This movie is including things that seemed impossible to adapt.

Yep, he leaves in the 80s - the mixtape & walkman are the only two things he has to remind himself of Earth.

Ahh my bad I was going on the old silver surfer cartoon where thanos' ship looked like a skull

if you havent read the comics there's no way you'd know & Thanos's ship was a good guess since we know he iS in this movie

Vids down but I've seen it already elsewhere and I'm psyched for this, Gunn's off the wall and lewd sense of humor (Rocket adjusting his crotch) is just what this film needs to be yet again (well done Marvel) a breath of fresh air.
Not only do we get a Space Sci fi, but a whole fresh approach, plus I've always been a Marvel Cosmic fanboy ....... never thought I'd see Gamora, The Collector or Ronan the accuser on the silver screen, Marvel are spoiling us.

Not see it till DVD!!!, I'd moonwalk bare foot over hot coals to get to a cinema for this movie.

Does anyone have Marvel's bank details? Need to transfer them everything!!!!!

Hang on a minute though, that IS the Norman Greenbaum sixties version that they're using in the trailer.

I don't know anything about this comic except this looks brilliant. I just hope they have used up all the slo mo cam in this trailer otherwise this film will be longer the last Lotr!

me too

If you want to try out the comics, the Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning run is definitely the way to go. It's well-written, humorous and fun. (I unfortunately can't say the same for the latest run by Bendis is, so it would be better if you stop there.)

An 'Annihilation' omnibus - covering the story which started their run - has just been released and is definitely recommended, but is a bit expensive. The first volume of the 'Complete Collection' of the Abnett/Lanning 'Guardians' run and 'War of Kings' are being released in June, and are very good starting points. I would suggest you start there with these two.

Me three. Maybe we should start some sort of rejected superhero team where Panthro has blunt claws, tinasparkle is monochrome and I have a lame superhero name and dandruff.

Or simply go to the film's Facebook page and see the trailer in glorious HD and privacy-free.

Then go form the superhero team because it just sounds like too much fun.

Can't wait for this movie!! Number one anticipated film of the year for me!

For those that can't see this link due to privacy, I just got it on YouTube.

This video is private! Ohh err.

Hinting at 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', reaffirming the place of 'Guardians' in the MCU context, and quite funny too. I love it.!

Hard sell? Gamble? My arse!

Nah. Would have been better if they had used the definitive version by Gareth Gates and the Kumars.

What I'm looking forward to in the film is how it ties into the Marvel Universe proper. Thor would still be around. Perhaps a statue of Captain America. Maybe SHIELD still is functioning.

Agreed. I am curious if they will allow that "awkward" line about Jesus to stand.

I think Guy Gardner would only work in comparison to Hal Jordan though, and I have a sneaky suspicion they're just going to forget about the Ryan Reynolds movie altogether.

In the Facebook questions there was an interesting reference to Squirrel Girl. Fingers crossed.

this reminds me of the cartoon series Bucky O' Hare!! or is it just me?

They look like a bunch of A-Holes.

Chris Pratt sure has come a long way since being the weird hipster stoner dude in The OC...*loses cool points*

This doesn't take place in the future, it takes place on the other side of the galaxy or another galaxy. It is all happening at the same time the stuff on Earth is happening and they are trying to prevent Thanos from getting another one of the Infinity Stones. Once Thanos gets all the stones he will attack the Earth to wipe out The Avengers before trying to rule the universe. The Guardians (or at least some) will have to come to Earth to help.

Nah. Apollo 13.

I was under the impression GotG took place in the 31st century.

99.9999999% sure it's the present, just way out in space

I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.

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