Guardians Of The Galaxy: new poster

Poster Ryan Lambie 16 May 2014 - 17:33

There are blazing lasers and lots of colour in the latest poster for Guardians Of The Galaxy. You can take a look at it here...

Anticipation's steadily building for James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy, which promises to be the most exotic and eccentric Marvel movie yet. Gunn's sense of humour, as seen in his earlier films Slither and Super, has certainly been present and correct in the footage we've seen so far, and there's a pleasing sense of colour and chaos in the latest poster below.

We've heard there's a second trailer scheduled for launch this Monday, which we'll share with you in due course. Guardians Of The Galaxy, starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel (as Groot the sentient tree) and Bradley Cooper (as Rocket, the gun-toting raccoon), is out in UK cinemas on the 1st August. 

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Squint and that could be a poster for Farscape.

This, and that last X-Men DOFP poster - somewhat reminiscent of the old Star Wars posters ;)

This is completely worth a buy!

The gun that Quill is holding is right out of "The Black Hole"

Awesome poster, I might just get this one for myself. And is Quill using Convenant guns from Halo?

1. I wonder how many people will look at that poster and think, is this some sort of kids film? And, is this film for kids?
2. Will be as mediocre as Thor: The Dark World was?

Totally sells the badass renegade gang vibe and is attractive and dangerous.However,i do miss the'You're Welcome' tagline and am slightly disappointed it doesn't feature Ronan,Nebula and Thanos in the background.I feel like the publicity is escalating now and look forward to the imminent and inevitable second trailer soon.

That's fabulous! Reminiscent of big budget adventure films of the 80s. Seeing that poster makes me want to see the film more.

Nice, but wish they got Drew Struzan to do it

That looks so much like an awesome Star Wars poster, I cannot contain my excitement!

Star Lord can use whatever gun he likes.

"Star Lord? Who calls him that?"

"Himself, mostly..."

1. Yes!
2. This definitely doesn't look like a kids film
3. Stop with the Farscape's enough already. GOTG stories and concepts were out years and years before Farscape - so if anything, Farscape ripped this off.
4. Thor: The Dark World was an awesome movie
5. Yes!

Just so I'm clear, none of this iteration of The Guardians have powers, right? And, no, just being an alien does not equal super power.

I can't wait for this movie

Yes. Please.

Drax and Groot have levels of strength and power that on earth would put them into the super-powered camp. In Drax's case it has been compared to Hulk's, but with a cap.

Exactly what I was thinking.

One of these days it's just going to say, "From the studio that brought you everything."

thinking the exact same thing

I actually really want that to be the tagline for this movie, fits well with the tone

True, it does look like the Covenant Plasma blaster.

This could be really awesome. From the promotional material I'm getting a very strong reminder of what it felt to watch Farscape the first time. :)

I really hope this lives up to expectations because this is the movie I want to see this year.

After consideration,i've realised I neglected to list The Collector with Ronan,Nebula and Thanos in my collection of the movies' villains.I definitely think it would be sensible for the advance publicity to feature Thanos at some stage as I think it's important to establish with a general audience that 'Guardians' is going to be relevant to previous and future Marvel films and their other characters.

I wonder how many colours of characters Zoe Saldana will play in her career.

Bloody hell. Good call. I was listening to the soundtrack last night - quality.

I'm just not familiar with this universe at all. Does anybody know - are they doing this right?

I seriously love this poster. It's good a great Star Wars feel to it.

So Im just gonna assume that Starlord is never going to have his helmet on, because of that old stupid ass industry standard that if the hero is wearing a mask then the audience cant connect emotionally....smh. Like 80% of Starlord is the guns and helmet.

or "from the studio that brought you everything that isn't crap"

this looks like a poster that andy dwyer would have on this wall. that's a good sign lol

I really love the retro sci-fi style of this poster, from the dramatic poses down to the line 'from the studio that brought you...' it feels like a trip back to the good old days!

Agreed. I just wish it was drawn by, or in the style of Drew Struzan.

Anyone got any info on the two main ships in the background?

Zoe Saldana for Red She Hulk!

Gamora has a healing factor and is peak trained in most fighting styles. She also probably has enhanced strength by human standards. She is almost certainly more powered than Captain America.

Rocket has no powers but is meant to be a master tactician with high/preternatural ability to optimise strategies.

Groot and Drax are both immensely strong while Drax is also a master of most fighting styles. Depending on writer, Groot is sometimes a scientific genius if anyone can understand what he says.

Starlord is entirely human normal without even particularly advanced fighting skills other than what he has reasonably picked up hanging out with Drax and Gamora. This makes his holding his own against cosmic level threats and the fact that he is the leader of a group arguably more dangerous than the Avengers (certainly more stabby) somewhat impressive.

On another note, Chris Pratt on this poster looks like the love child of Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6, The Hobbit) and Shawn Ashmore (Bobby/Ice-Man from the Xmen movies)

Impressive or implausible?

And a great tactician? Rommel was a great tactician but that wouldn't earn him a place on the Avengers.

From what I can see so far, this version of the Guardians is a team made entirely of non-powered heroes. They may have actual powers in the various comic incarnations but so far I've seen nothing from the trailers that would indicate what I would call 'powers'.

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