Guardians Of The Galaxy has "franchise potential", new pics

News Simon Brew
8 May 2014 - 06:58

Disney's boss offers hints of a Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, as Marvel releases new pictures from the film...

As things stand, Marvel's phase three of movies in its cinematic universe is set to feature Captain America 3, Thor 3, Ant-Man, The Avengers 3 and more than likely Doctor Strange. Unless Marvel is looking to slot a sixth film into this particular phase, that's your lot until 2018.

One name missing from that slate is a possible Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. The first film, directed by James Gunn, is due out on August 1st, and is arguably the toughest sell Marvel has to date. That said, the trailer certainly helped. However, as things stand, there's no space in Marvel's calendar for a sequel until at least 2018 - which would be four years after the first movie came out.

But is Marvel planning a sequel anyway, or is this more of a standalone? Well, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, Guardians Of The Galaxy is a film "we believe... has strong franchise potential". Those are not the words of a man who has ruled out Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 at all.

Talking further about the film, Iger said that it's "a whole other Marvel realm or universe in terms of where it takes place, the characters that populate it and the stories that you can tell for those characters. So, I think, I'm not going to predict that we've got another Avengers on our hands, but that's certainly the goal".

One last thing on Guardians Of The Galaxy while we're here: Marvel has released a pair of new stills from the film, featuring Chris Pratt. You can see those below.

Guardians Of The Galaxy arrives in cinemas on August 1st 2014.


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