James Gunn confirms Guardian Of The Galaxy's Avengers links

News Simon Brew
14 Apr 2014 - 07:28

It's definite: Guardians Of The Galaxy will be connecting up with The Avengers 3....

Surprising virtually nobody, director James Gunn has now gone on record to confirm that his upcoming Marvel movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy, will connect up with The Avengers 3.

The film, which is due out in August, most recently had a mid-credits sting in Thor: The Dark World, which hinted at one or two things about the film. And whilst it's not expected to have too much impact on Joss Whedon's now-shooting Avengers: Age Of Ultron, there are threads to do with Guardians Of The Galaxy that will instead go further down the line in the Marvel cinematic universe. "We are definitely connected to Avengers 3", Gunn asserted.

Gunn was chatting to Entertainment Weekly, who also caught up with Zoe Saldana. Saldana describes the film's heroes as "the renegades. We'll come in drunk, we'll save the day, but check your wallet - we might have taken it".

The film is scheduled for released on August 1st. We'll have lots more on Guardians Of The Galaxy in the months ahead...


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