Five new promo videos for Guardians Of The Galaxy

Trailer Simon Brew 21 Feb 2014 - 06:45

Marvel introduces the characters of Guardians Of The Galaxy via five new promo videos, with new footage...

Following the launch of the official trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy earlier in the week, Marvel has now released a collection of promo videos which introduce the key characters from the film. It's a smart move this: Guardians Of The Galaxy is a relatively unknown property to most people, and thus introducing the individual characters in this way seems like a fine place.

So then, here's Peter Quill...

Then we have Gamora...

Next we meet Drax...

Now it's Groot...

And finally, Rocket. We like Rocket.

Guardians Of The Galaxy lands in cinemas on August 1st 2014.

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These were great, and finally got to hear what Rocket sounds like too. Now I'm sure Cooper will do a great job, but I am a bit disappointed Rocket won't be cockney. Someone else commented that they read all Rockets lines in the comics in a Jason Statham voice, and it made so much sense I could cry. Having said that, by the end of GOTG I could be saying something completely different!

This is effectively just the trailer segmented, with a few bonus bits. It would have been a lot better if they had done vilians of the movie instead. We got all of 2 seconds of Karen Gillan in it.

I'm nervous about Batista, but other than a little worry, loving these clips.

I still with they had gone with Jason Momoa, but, In Marvel we trust

Jason didn't want it, something about not wanting to wear make up.

The Avengers TV series has an episode with the Guardians featuring where Rocket does have a cockney accent.

Really? Quite surprising, because this could have been his step up to the a-list

I meant Avengers Assemble TV series

Guess he doesn't need the money. As both a Stargate Atlantis and Game of Thrones fan I was disappointed, but I'm sure Batista will do a sterling job.

I think you mean 'Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes'. Specifically, the episode 'Korvac'.

SPLURG .... well thats embrassing .... i'll get my coat

I think he's going to own this. Plus he does actually look the part

My only real worry is that I always viewed Drax as being a bit more acrobatic than Ithink Batista could pull off. Aside from that, I think he could do very well in the role.

Still wish they had gone with a bolder colour and design for the red markings, though. He looks good here, but they appear a bit muddy looking.

Yep I beleive you are right as that was the guy they were chasing

Great show. I'm still annoyed it got cancelled. I've not watched the show they've replaced it with.

The more I see, the more I feel it will be a success. The trailer is just perfect as it captures the movie and doesn't reveal to much information. Who couldn't resist seeing a movie with a space talking raccoon.

Yeah it was Jason that turned them down. I think he might be kicking himself by the end of the year.

They probably will do that eventually. They obviously want to reveal a lot of stuff at a later date. No point blowing their load now.

Now all we need is to hear "I am Groot."

I Know, to hear those words would be cool.

Kinda idiots intro to Guardians, not really aimed at us folk in the know.

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