First poster for Guardians Of The Galaxy

Poster Simon Brew 21 Feb 2014 - 06:41

It's a simple tagline for James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy movie: "You're welcome".

Rounding a week when it'd be fair to say that the trailer has firmly put the film on even more people's radars, Marvel has now released the first poster for its upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The top half, as you can see, plays up Marvel's credentials. The bottom? That'd be the bit where we get the quite wonderful 'You're welcome' tagline. It's a mix of hard sell and quiet confidence right there.

The film arrives in cinemas on August 1st. And here's that poster for you...

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They are marketing this film very smartly. Brazo Disney/Marvel marketeers!

Dc fan here and I have to admire Marvel's ballsy move with the tagline. Hope this is better than the catastrophe that was Iron Man 3.

This game out in January? Grrrr! (let me off, it's Friday)

Great Poster - love the pose Zoe Saldana is striking.


They really are, aren't they. This is going to be the film of the summer

I agree, even if it is insane it will be great fun.

Yep, I always thought GotG was going to be good - I love James Gunn's sensibility - but the marketing has REALLY got me on side, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is up there with The Avengers in pure fun/entertainment stakes.

For those that think the tone is TOO humourous, from what I've heard the film is really going to deliver on spectacle and action too, and the script is supposed to be top-notch.

Can't wait!

I was initially skeptical, but I think Rocket Raccoon will be this film's secret weapon, and I think if they get him right, he'll go down a storm with the kids. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Rocket cuddly toys/spin-off games etc everywhere this time next year...

The comic isn't a comedy, but has amusing moments. From what I've seen, I think the movie will capture this perfectly.

Good poster but it just seems a bit.... generic. A tad simple. I like it though, just not what I was expecting.

American dates, I never see the logic.

The catastrophe that made over a billion (and was actually bloody brilliant)? Here's hoping.

You're welcome!

all i can say is "Iam Groot"

I also love the memes going about this film as well most notably the one:

DC -the world isn't ready for Wonder Woman yet!

Marvel - Here's a talking Raccoon ! lol

Even The Phantom Menace made over a billion and by golly wasn't that a brilliant movie?

Good point. Not everyone likes films that make a lot of money. The prequel trilogy is dreadful. Avatar is dull and over long. But they made loads of money so we will be getting loads more films from those franchises over the next few years.
So to be fair to you "catastrophe" was probably just the wrong word to use. I mean by all means call it crap (although I'd disagree) . But when the #1 purpose of a blockbuster film is to make money and it does, it's not a catastrophe. Box office bombs like Waterworld. They are catastrophes (especially for the studios that make them).

Sorry for the usage of the wrong word but I was really let down by IM3.

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