First trailer lands for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Trailer Simon Brew 19 Feb 2014 - 05:40

It's here: the first full trailer for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, from director James Gunn...

It's rare for Marvel to keep a film under wraps for quite so long, but now, just under six months ahead of its cinema release, we've got the first trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy.

This is the one that's been deemed the biggest gamble since Iron Man for Marvel Studios. James Gunn has directed the film, and Chris Pratt leads the cast. And following a few images, and the dreaded trailer for a trailer that came out yesterday, we've now got the trailer proper. Take a look at this and see what you think.

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy arrives in cinemas on August 1st 2014.

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This looks fun! Excited now.

"ooga chaka, ooga ooga ooga chaka..."
Yes, there'll be an entire generation of people wondering what that song was.
I like...

The Hoff immediately came to mind when that song came up! Karen Gillan looks awesome in the couple of glimpses we saw of her in this trailer.

That. Was. Awesome. Great humour in it and visually stunning. I have to admit I'm surprised we didn't see more of Rocket Racoon, but wonder if they are downplaying him so as not to make him see gimmicky or like a comedy sidekick in the trailer?

It looks a riotous roller-coaster of interstellar fun fun fun not seen in space since the Fifth Element.

I don't know, I am sure it will be fantastic when we finally get to see the finished article but this trailer didn't do much for me....more humour being shown than anything else... See what the next trailer shows :-)

I'd say the most interstellar fun since Serenity. There's justa general fun Serenity vibe about everything I'm seeing especially the Mal like Star Lord. I cannot wait for this movie, looks amazing.

Still quite teasery rather than a proper trailer for the film. It looks like the marketing people are unsure about selling the premise so they're starting us off slowly with a trailer where only the humans speak.

John C Reilly and Peter Serafinowicz were the best things in that trailer. Not sold on Star-Lord yet.

This looks hilarious.

Well, I for one am excited. I think its positive that they didn't go for a conventional trailer i.e. spoilery, loads of plot and just introduced the characters, also the music wasn't what I expected either, completely left field IMO and as such has stuck with me. I cant stop singing "OOGA CHAKA OOGA OOGA OOGA CHAKA".

Wait waiting for Burt Macklen to appear

I hate to say it but I'm still not sold on this one quite yet. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun and I will admit I'm not the biggest Marvel fan, but the premise of GotG has intrigued me since day one.
Maybe once a more plot-centric trailer arrives then I'll be more excited.

It had a very Farscape feel to me: a cheeky human by himself halfway across the galaxy with a misfit band of criminals helping him attempt to fight the good fight.

Liking the positive reactions here. Pros - good cast, brave choice of IP, excellent effects, good soundtrack and I wasn't expecting so much comedy, also Rocket Racoon. Cons - Now this is just my feeling but the jokes, funny lines didn't quite land for me, you may feel differently but I'd have, for example, asked Serafinowicz for another reading of the a-hole line. Really wanna see it but not sure I'll love it...really want to though.

Bonus John C. Reilly!

It's a good trailer to introduce a bunch of characters who (until recently) were fairly obscure in comic terms, let alone the general cinema going masses. The recent runs of the comic have had the humour, and it's nice not to have the whole film explained in two-and-a-half-minutes.

I miss that show!

Are mantis, a.warlock or moondragon in this?

Looks fun, could top Flash Gordon as the campest film set in space.

Wow this looks like a whole heap of fun.

that's the prob with sci-fi nowadays, they're watering it down to just witty banter in weird locations/situations so joe public doesnt get headaches from having to masticate thru any dense subject matter

Holy s*** this looks hilariously amazing! I like how they haven't given anything away, but given a good look at the chracters.

looks good, I really don't know the comics at all but It seemed to remind me of the Flash Gordon movie a bit. Nice first step in introducing the concept

Not sure what it is that a lot of people were expecting. It's a good intro to Quill and also a nice brief look at the other characters. Future trailers, I'm sure, will have a more serious, story line focus to them.

Any chanting like that just makes me think of Muppet Treasure Island.... BOOOOM... SHA KALA KAAA!

Come along Pond.

Well colour me intrigued, I know next-to-nothing about these set of characters, but that looks fun as all kinds of hell!

But you can make anything look good in a trailer, can someone who knows the series sell it to me?

This looks great! I trust Marvel to deliver great, enjoyable films pretty much every time (although Iron Man 2 was a let down. Let's move on, people)

A perfect trailer, gave a feel for the film but without spoiling any of it. The only letdown was that "a-hole" line at the end - either swear or don't.

I thought the a-hole line was quite funny but the other bits of humour didn't quite land for me. Overall I think it looks good and the fact it has a different tone to what one might expect is refreshing; it's also in the vein of the Marvel films as a whole.

Can't.. Move... From.. Excitement..

Farscape, indeed! Starlord came across like an even younger John Crichton, while the cops reminded me of the Peace keepers.

This should be the next Star Wars in terms of quality story etc but not sure they're selling it right . Still I'm sold :)

That has me sold, sign me up!!

People usually complain too much is given away, so I prefer this take to a trailer. Shows us little, but enough to still get excited (well for me anyways).

From someone who's never heard of GotG, but loves the Marvel cinema universe, this looks like a fun, funny sci-fi romp! Perfect! Can't wait to take the kiddies to see it!

After watching it again they're also wearing outfits from Farscape too :)

They are still playing there cards very close to their chests, but I really like the look of this film. I was hoping for a bit more Rocket/Groot action, but I also approve of them not giving away the whole plot in the trailer

A good first trailer, I liked the meta vibe at the start with the aliens not knowing who Star Lord is, like the majority of the audience. First impressions suggest a fun, pulpy sci-fi romp which is exactly what I want. I hope it doesn't go OTT with the comedy though, Thor 2 lost some of its impact because of the overuse of comedy.

1:48 aaaaaaand... pause :-)

I think he says ass in the actual movie.

Very clever (and great!) trailer from Marvel. Introduces characters that people won't have seen before, sets a tone but doesn't reveal much more. Presumably this will air before Captain America 2 with a post-credit sequence that'll lead in to Guardians somehow and build on the first trailer.

Love the look, very different from the rest of the MCU while still feeling like it could exist within it. Even in this one trailer there's a ton of detail I only caught on multiple watches (the 'obscene gesture' messages during the line up might be my favourite) and some of the designs are superb. Nebula, in particular, looks great, they've actually made a bald blue woman work in live action!

No... no... not Dancing Baby...


Thank the lord it wasn't the Jonathan King version

Insert Fry picture here.

I'm presuming that the "a-hole" line was recorded specifically for the trailers, so as not to offend the easily-offended, and that it'll be "arse hole" in the actual film.

Its not out till August I guess that they are still working on the CGI for rocket.


Seemed pretty stellar to me,The first trailer concentrates quite a lot on emphasising that Starlord is a bit of an idiot rather than a hero as well though and works on introducing the characters generally.I'm sure one of the next trailers will probably include Thanos too,to establish a slight connection with Avengers Assemble.I likes.

This is why marvel films are so much more enjoyable than DC's offerings, they don't take themselves too seriously.

ohhh THATS where she is. Me and TheWife™ were wondering why she wasn't in it. I'll have to show her later. Thanks!

I really want to see this! BUT... I'd be interested to see how the tone of this plays with a wider audience - it already seems a hell of a lot goofier / stranger than anything comic-book related to date...

Brilliant, sure utter brilliance!

This looks brilliant. I have been nervous about this one, simply because with the more recent Marvel films there appears to have been a tendancy to be dark and serious, and with Guardians, it just wouldn't have worked. But I like that this trailer appears to show that Gunn will be taking a more comical route with it.
Which is good; seriously, a racoon and a tree... it's never going to work as a serious film.
Good 'ol grand slam action and humour. YAY!

Marvel manage to produce the must see film of the year, based on a bunch of characters that even had comic book fans scratching their heads when it was announced. DC can't even get their A-list films right.

I find the comments about not knowing the characters strange... before
seeing 'Star Wars' in '77 I knew very little about the film beyond it
was set in space and there were explosions, robots and aliens. That was
enough to convince me this was a film I had to see, admittedly I was 8
years old but over 35 years later the less I know about a film in
advance the better.

To be fair, though, Marvel Studio films have never really taken the 'tendency to be dark and serious' that far (compared to, say, WB/DC, for instance). So 'Guardians of the Galaxy' definitely seems to fit in with what has come before (though I think this trailer has focussed more on the humour than the previous Marvel trailers).

And if Gunn really is staying true to his stated inspiration (the DnA 'Guardians of the Galaxy' run), there should be a good balance of humour and action and seriousness (probably things being light until the Guardians have to kick some serious arse).

I'm kind of in agreement I'm sad to say. I was really looking forward to this and while I'm still going to be there opening night, this has tempered my excited for the film. I didn't really get a sense of any of the characters other than Peter Quill and he kind of just comes across as just a space loser. I like the goofy edge of your Mal Reynolds and Han Solo's but only because it's balanced out by snarky bad assery. I'm sure there'll be some of it in the film, but I didn't get that from the trailer. I'm looking to trailer 2 to get me looking forward to this again.

Dare I say they have a bunch of characters that match up roughly against the Avengers. Will we see yet another clash of personalities before making up and taking on the big bad in Avengers 2?

Yep, and I will not watch further trailers.

I don't think so, although there is a suspicious looking cocoon as part of the Collectors collection (at the end of TTDW). They have to introduce Warlock at some point if they are planning on doing The Infinity Gauntlet

Also, needs more Cosmo

Is there any indication what the story will involve yet? I'm sorta hoping for The Universal Church of Truth as antagonists, which can lead into bringing Thanos into the movie universe, although Dan Abnett and the artwork of the GotG comic reboot rather heavily leaned on Warhammer 40,000's Imperium of Man, and I'm not sure if a Christianity-esque villain would be seen as a safe bet for a blockbuster.

I hear that in the network tv dub he'll say "what an Alps-hole".

From what I've read, it sounds like it will be Nebula, Ronan the Accuser and Collector all competing to get hold of some sort of artefact (probably the next infinity gem) with the Guardians stuck in the middle. This it just my guess though

*takes pass and runs with it

Uhura as an Orion slave girl. Niiiiiiiiice

I noticed that this trailer hasn't made it clear for general audiences how Guardians of the Galaxy relates to the wider Marvel movie canon, which I feel may hurt it.
It looks fun and GotG has been a series that I've liked, but I'm not sure if what's shown here is quite enough to hook the casual movie-goer who just knows Marvel for Iron Man and Hulk. Us geeks love this kind of witty Farscape-esque space romp, but god knows that sort of movie - even if its something like Serenity - traditionally hasn't been hugely successful in attracting wider audiences. Green Lantern had many problems, but I feel that the perceived space theme probably didn't help its appeal.

Dub a line or two of voiceover from Samuel Jackson at the beginning, eg. "SHIELD has heard rumours ... a team like our own Avengers Initiative, who might aid us...", bam instantly you have the attentions of the movie-going public.

I don't think a cameo from the existing Marvel universe will make any difference. I would hope that it stands on it's on for the mass audience as an 'original' sci-fi/action film like the first Star Wars or an Avatar; I enjoyed Green Lantern as a general comic book fan but it was poorly made and I think that's why it did badly.

It could be dubbed over that way for the trailer to be made available to general audiences (which swear words wouldn't allow).

top stuff

There is no reason to detail how the movie fits into any overall structure immediately since this trailer isn't the whole marketing campaign.It's an introductory trailer establishing the film tonally and introducing the characters to a general audience.The Movie is still in post production and the studio still has another film to promote before it focusses on this.

AGREED! I hope that was only added for the trailer - I want the real deal in the movie :)

Rumour is that Bradley Cooper hasn't done the voice recording yet

yes plz looks alot of fun

It's actually 'what a bunch of funking prinks'... ;)

Well now I HAVE to YouTube that. My kids must see it for themselves... because I just can't describe how ugly that dance was

I count 3 statements in this comment that are incorrect (not even expressed as opinions which would be at least forgiveable). Good job.

I will, but I will hate myself for doing so.

Wow, not what I was expecting at all. Knowing nothing about the comic, I was expecting an Avengers in Space type affair but this looks like it might actually have some originality and wit (although that "A-Hole" line from Serafinowicz is possibly the most out of place, out of context, failed attempt at cheap humour I have ever heard... ever!)

I'm hoping the "A-holes" line was just for the trailer, and we get the proper "ARSEholes" we deserve in the actual movie. So to speak.

If the 2008 comic is anything to go by, there's going to be a whole bunch of mind bending dimension jumps, time travelling, swearing raccoons, double crossing and an eye melting amount of action. I've been looking forward to this one since the comic con announcement. From the looks of the trailer they've captured the tongue in cheek nature of the comics too, which is fantastic. It wouldn't be much of an adaption if it missed out the humour.

You've reminded me of that apparent Robocop edit with the line 'You're gonna be one bad Mother crusher!".

I'm kidding myself aren't i? If it comes on before a movie, I will watch it. I will not however, YouTube it or watch it on some article. I still haven't watched Cap's Super Bowl spot, and won't.

Marvel like using NIN for their trailers don't they?

My favourite had to be Rockets 'has a tendency to bite'. Really hoping we get to see a payoff to that one.



The main hook for me is that the apparent bad guys are in fact the good guys

I was worried that there was no way a raccoon and a tree could make convincing characters on screen. Nothing in this trailer has changed my mind.

You can tell every frame of this trailer has been trawled over by the Marvel marketing people - it's got that uneven 'too many cooks' feel to it. However, the designs look intriguing and I'm interested in how the tongue in cheek tone will play in the film. This definitely feels like one you WANT to do well.

Well this looks fun. (Regarding the swearing, I'm pretty sure they blurred out Pratt's finger when he gave them a wind-up... well, middle finger. I assume that and the A-hole thing will be intact for release. Green-band trailers don't do swearing after all). And can I just nominate the make-up team for an award for Karen's make-up, 'cause that looks awesome!

That was the most bizarre trailer I've seen in a long time... It does look good, though, and I agree with those who have already pointed out how little it gives away. This is a good thing.

A SMALL REQUEST: I'm very unfamiliar with the Guardians of the Galaxy, but after finally seeing the trailer, I'd like to get some background on them. Which comic/graphic novel would be a good place to start? I'd prefer to avoid any 1970s cheesy stuff if possible, so would there be any good '90s/2000s comics I should look at? Thanks loads in advance :)

Anything by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, starting with 'Annihilation' and their 'Guardians of the Galaxy' run. Marvel is, in fact re-releasing them now in time for the release of the film.

Although I'm still 50/50 on going to see this, I really do admire Marvel/Disney for choosing this as their next film. Although seemingly every retrospective article about the films to date goes with the "no-one knew who Iron Man was" slant, which is overdoing it somewhat for a character that's been around since the 60s, was featured in more than one monthly title (and has always been featured in at least one monthly title), had his own cartoon and has generally featured in Marvel line-up art since his original appearance, I had genuinely never heard of GotG until this film was announced (and that's in spite of a lot of comic book reading, admittedly with a sharp downturn after the late nineties). These guys do seem to be the only major players actually taking risks, both with their choices of film and casting (which, to my mind, was the real risk with Iron Man given RDJ's history to that point - not that he'd be bad, but that he wouldn't be around for any follow-ups). Makes a nice change to endless remakes, add to which the films themselves are pretty good fun (which is also getting rarer).

I liked the Nova corp symbols on the space police shirts. Will they have the helmets and boots though?

Well give me the gory details, son # 1, seein as I got spit in my eye.

Pop... It looks amazing.

The 'a-hole' actually made it funnier for me.

Hopefully it leads to a touchdown for the Guardians ^^

Well, now I'm really hoping that the rumours that Chris Pratt has signed on for Avengers 3 are true.

Thanks. Your continued support makes my humble contributions seem all the more worthwhile.

Its the arsehole we deserve...but not the one we need right now...

I've been giving the 'a-hole' thing some thought whilst viewing the trailer and came to a conclusion - the Nova Corps officers are not allowed to swear. This would appear to be confirmed by the way their technology obscured Starlord's middle finger. Also, they'll want to keep it reasonably child friendly as it has been widely reported that Hasbro are knocking out GotG toys.

I assumed the way he said "a-hole" was to show how uptight and anal the guy is. 'Swears but doesn't actually swear' kinda thing. Then again it could just have been to get the trailer a lower age rating.

And today's winner of the Internet is...

Yet more old drivel from Marvel! Hackneyed and derivative, stealing from the likes of the overrated Firefly and pompous Riddick.

Oh God, this just looks fun. How I have waited for a great fantasy/sci fi adventure that was just good fun. And those of you comparing this to farscape; Yes! It does have that vibe and this is not a bad thing. Love this trailer.

Sold. Just, sold. Wasn't looking forward to this, until I watched this trailer. The racoon looks damned good, and it appears they aren't playing it pompously straight.

It's a very good trailer and I really am looking forward to this, my only concern is that sometimes I feel that James Gunn's films can suffer when it comes to humour, I thought that Slither and Super had some jokes that fell flat, I'm not sure if it's editing or direction but so far his films have never been completely successful for me.

An example in this trailer is the 'Who?' seems quite overplayed. So, on a personal level I hope that the film carries the humour consistently.

In saying that I thought Chris Pratt was excellent in this trailer and I like the fact that this will be the first Marvel film that I have no expectations related to previous knowledge of characters and it does look like an awful lot of fun.

With a 2 point conversion. too!

Yep, that beat my Fry comment.

I believe the whole line-up sequence where John C Reily and Serafinowicz are going through the GotG rap sheet were shot specially for the trailer, so no a-holes or otherwise in the finished film.

Just showed this trailer to a cousin of mine that has watched all the mcu films but had zero interest in gotg.

"Wow. I'm watching it."

In the game of chess, you can never let your adversary see your pieces.

Ok...really NOT what I was expecting...and it looks a lot better than I expected.

Now kids, remember, every time you complain about a film being unfamiliar or not knowing the characters, someone commissions a reboot.

.....and so the dominos fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!

You can't triple-stamp a double-stamp! You can't triple-stamp a double-stamp!
Lloyd! Lloyd!

That's 2 point conversion for the game, the Guardians win by a landslide, G.O.T.G

Thanks mate, I check them out :)

Better than the Super Bowl

I had reservation about this film when I heard it being release having not read the comic books. Marvel has a great plan I think and i'm in for the ride for sure.

Love the trailer, taking the piss out of themselves. Good direction.

It's a small extension of the full trailer. Just a wee bit more Falcon in this one.

If that is the case? Bravo, James Gunn.

Oh for funk's sake!

Wow. Do you hate fun too?

Farscape meets Firefly, 'Starlord' being a mix of Malcolm Reynolds and John Chriton, Drax a bit of Dargo mixed with Jayne. I'm actually getting interested in this movie now that there's an actual trailer for it. Couldn't quite make out details of Batista's look as Drax. That woman, Gamora? looks a lot like the female Martian Manhunter in Young Justice.

Did... Did I just see a Farscape remake trailer? I think I did...

Damn Straight

Definitely on the same wavelength with you buddy!
Nearly, nearly ruined the whole trailer for me.
A hole or arsehole totally kills the mood in that scene.

Fingers crossed it was just for that awesome trailer and not for the full film.

Easily the best trailer for a movie I've seen for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know that's a lot of exclamation marks, but seriously, worth every one :)

First thing that came to mind when I saw this was Star Wars. If someone would have said in 77 there's this film with Han Solo, a giant teddy bear, a couple of robots and some twins with psychic powers trained by a small green creature who speaks funny, do you fancy it? I would have said no. Partly because it sounds such a ridiculous premise and partly because I was 7 and not entirely house trained. I digress, this looks awesome :)

By my count you were bang on. Good job.

Sutlej the fact that your pitching it up against Mal Reynolds and Han Solo of the back of the first trailer shows how highly you rate the character already?

Power to the people, comrade.

That actually makes a lot of sense.

Yeah I am still totally behind the film and looking forward to it. On reflection I think the trailer probably works really well for people who have never really heard of it and I'm just being a sullen fanboy because I wanted more Rocket Raccoon.

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