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News Simon Brew 13 Feb 2014 - 06:11

UPDATED: The trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy is set to land on February 18th.

UPDATED: We're now hearing, via a Tweet from Yahoo! Singapore (a Tweet that's since been deleted), that the trailer is set to land on February 18th.

It looks as though Marvel is finally going to allow the world a fuller sneak peak at its second film of 2014, Guardians Of The Galaxy. Directed by James Gunn, all we've formally seen so far are a couple of images, and the mid-end credits scene in Thor: The Dark World.

However, the first full trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy has now been classified by the Alberta Ratings Board, with a 2 minute 23 second running time. It's likely to release online in the next week or two, and is a cert to be attached to screenings of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which hits the UK next month.

Latino Review, meanwhile, is now reporting that Peter Quill/Star Lord, as played by Chris Pratt in the movie, is likely to find his way into The Avengers 3, which is due in 2018. We suspect that that's some way from being rubber-stamped, but with plans also reportedly afoot for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Marvel is unlikely to want this summer's movie to be a standalone one.

We'll have the Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer for you when it lands. But it won't be just yet.

Latino Review.
Alberta Ratings Board.

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THIS is news! This IS news! This is NEWS! THIS! IS! CNN.

OK......New trailer, NOW.....NOW..............NOW.........................NOW?

Alteady seen the bootleg footage doing tje rounds...looks sweet.."theyre calling themselves the guardian's. Of the galaxy!"

Slightly tangential question but... when did six months out from release count as "finally"? Frankly I wish more films would show some restraint and not throw out a ton of promotional materials a year or more before we can see it in cinemas. Makes way more sense to start building the hype now IMO, especially with Cap 2 about to hit providing a natural lead-in for Marvel.

Really excited for this film and I have no idea what it's about, ha!

They have done the right thing with this film, really holding back the footage. This is the biggest risk that Marvel have taken to date and I think this will pay off.
That said, just hurry up and give me the damn trailer! After The Lego Movie, I just want more Chris Pratt!

That's the trouble with so many sequels and planned series - you hear about things from the very get-go, so it seems like an eternity before it's in the cinemas.

Dammit. I thought I was just excited about the new Avengers and the new Star Wars, but now I've realised that I'm excited about this as well. If you put Avengers and Star Wars in a blender, GOTG is what would come out.

At two minutes and twenty three seconds this'll probably one of the last long trailers before that long trailer ban comes into place?

Mostly, I'm looking forward to seeing Amy Pond vs Uhura.

Exactly, I've been excited for this since it was first mentioned in 2010!

A walking tree. A talking raccoon. A wood nymph. A troll. And a guy. Apparently it's about the effects of deforestation... In outer space.

It was the guy

GotG is the only movie I'm really excited for at the moment.

People keep saying that, but is it really more of a risk than the first Captain America or Thor? Neither were really well known outside the comics, and Marvel didn't have the great reputation that it has these days.

Already seen a mini-trailer at a Marvel event and thought it looked great. Really funny and self-aware: it knows it can't take itself too seriously with a talking Raccoon and a sentient tree!

no idea what it's about either. but will certainly see it since it's a connected to the avengers and all the rest of it.

It's a risk because Green Lantern and John Carter failed to capture massive audiences. Mind you, the first of those films was awful, and the second mediocre. If it's a good movie, people will come...

Is that the same Latino Review that said this film would be Black Panther?

Captain American definitely had cultural cache outside of comic fans prior to the movie. Thor was a bit of a risk but had the advantage of being based on a well known cultural artifact. GotG is a B/C level team of heroes even when you get great runs like the Abnet and Lanning one from a few years ago. In addition to that there are no household names on the film (no Matter how much I like Chris Pratt he's not there yet).

So low cultural visibility prior to the film and no big stars associated with the film make this a bigger risk.

The trailer is going to land on my birthday?! YAY!!!

I know what it's about and it's worth the watch/wait.

Not sure I agree. Captain America had was known, but not really popular. Also, America itself isn't that popular in a lot of places around the world, and that could have really gone against it in the overseas market. Thor was a kinda culturally known, but that's only enough to attract the Viking demographic.

Also, GoTG has got Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Glenn Close, Benicio Del Toro, Zoe Saldana, and John C Reilly in it, so its not exactly short of stars. Its also flying under the Marvel banner, and I think that alone will attract a lot of cinema goers.

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