Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 in 2016?

News Simon Brew 7 Feb 2014 - 07:49

A rumour suggests that Marvel is looking for a quick sequel to Guardians Of The Galaxy...

Marvel's big gamble in its second phase of movies is undoubtedly James Gunn's adaptation of Guardians Of The Galaxy. The film is the lowest profile of the comic book sources it's raided for one of its film, and we suspect we're not alone in being intrigued as to how well it's going to do. The film is currently scheduled for release on August 1st this year.

One rumour has now sprung up though that suggests that Marvel is already looking for another Guardians Of The Galaxy film. In fact, Joblo is reporting that the studio has earmarked Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 for May 6th 2016.

That sounds like quite a quick turnaround for a sequel to something so risky to us. Marvel has only done one two-year turnaround before, with Iron Man 2, and we suspect it may want to tread carefully here.

Also, that May 6th date just happens to be the release of Batman Vs Superman too. Let's call this story a long shot for the time being would be our suggestion...


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Guardians of the Galaxy isn't as low profile as you might think. They have had 2 very popular runs in the last 5 years. The most recent of which has featured prominently in 2 huge Marvel story-lines (Infinity & The Trial of Jean Grey).To the non-comic reader though they are pretty unknown, yes. Marvel needs to ramp them up in the coming months. A Superbowl spot would have been the perfect spring board to be honest.....

Marvel have some Cojones I'll give them that.

So, obviously Disney don't think GotG is a 'big gamble' after all

In Marvel, we trust. But I just hope they wait out till GotG to see if there is any chance of a sequel. On the other hand, maybe Marvel has an advanced storyline in mind that they feel a GotG sequel needs to be done for Avengers 3?

Not sure if this is just the lack of sleep talking but this seems very sensible to me.

Guardians comes out in October and you have to assume that Marvel and Disney have a pretty good feel for how the movie is going to turn out. At the same time they know that the audience that it finds will, for the most part, be new to the franchise and characters so getting a sequel out ASAP will probably help keep that audience on-board.

Presuming that all the actors are tied in to the usual multi-film deal so no re-negotiations are necessary they could (in theory) just about turn around a sequel quickly enough once the initial box office comes in and they know if the Great Experiment(tm) worked. Of course to do so they'd need a script etc in place so if they started prep about now they might just make it.

Or it could all be cobblers! Who knows, though I'll admit I hope this is true. Really want Guardians to do well and bring back the whole space opera genre in a big way. Though, uh, if Nebula could possibly survive beyond the end of the movie it'd be appreciated. For purely plot-driven reasons of course...

They should have showed some teaser at least last Sunday. Not for the superbowl. For me.

I think it might not be a straight sequel, more a spin off featuring cosmic characters (including some GotG) setting up Avengers 3

Not low profile if you read comics but outside of that realm i can't say I've every really seen them in any other format and as the biggest selling comic of last year sold 188,000 copies (compared to the Millions of people that see movies in a year across the world in all languages) they really are not that well know to any one who hasn't read the books.

Which is almost exactly what I said if you read my whole post......

yeah, sorry, i realised pretty much as soon as i hit post!

if it turns out to be good enough or better to go up against Batman/Superman this could be interesting

It's up against Batman Vs Superman???... I see no competition from that film, it will be the biggest disappointment/flop of the century.

How about Nova #1 in 2016 instead?

If they are very well known in comic book reader circles but not in mainstream circles then that makes them low profile.

So I love the idea of this movie but the fact that they have already scheduled and announced a second before the trailer for the first has come out is absurd. like having the idea of a second one id fine but announcing it this ealrly might just hurt the franchise.

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