Guardians Of The Galaxy news round-up

News Simon Brew 23 Jan 2014 - 06:03

Trailer news, Stan Lee and a publicity push around the corner: it's our Guardians Of The Galaxy round-up...

Right: let's pull together a few things about Marvel's upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy.

A second trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to be released for Superbowl weekend in the US, allowing us to see yet more footage of Marvel Studios' first 2014 release. Things have been much quieter with regards the second, though. Notwithstanding the mid-end credits sequence of Thor: The Dark World, there's been very little seen or heard of Guardians Of The Galaxy. That, however, is about to change.

It's been revealed that the first footage from the film itself will also get an outing in a Superbowl spot. Whether it'll be the first trailer or just a tease remains to be seen, but on February 2nd, it now seems certain we'll be getting something.

Elsewhere in Guardians Of The Galaxy news, Stan Lee has confirmed that he won't have his now-traditional cameo in the film. Talking to Dweebcast, Lee said that "that's the one group I didn't create. I didn't write Guardians Of The Galaxy. I'm not even sure who they all are. I can't wait to see the movie".

Given that the film is a relatively unknown entity to a large proportion of the cinemagoing audience, Marvel's got a job on its hands to sell this one. And Chris Pratt has confirmed that a sizeable push is on the cards. "I feel like it really hasn't even started yet because we've got a big publicity push that's gonna happen when we're gonna fly around the world and introduce the movie to people who are watching it", he told MTV. "So that's gonna be really exciting and new for me to do something like that on a grand scale". We wonder if he'll toddle along to the four-screen in Quinton for a quick Q&A?

The film is scheduled for release on August 1st.


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I know absolutely nothing about these characters, but I can't wait to see the flick, just from seeing the characters it looks insane.

Same here. And I really admire Marvel for doing this, it's a pretty bold move, which is why I can barely contain my excitement whenever there's an update about the movie. Plus Karen Gillan's in it, that's reason enough for me to go see it. And Chris Pratt, I love my Parks and Rec fellas.

Bad ass characters. Ridiculous but then this is why we go to the cinema! Can't wait!

Best April Fool's Joke Ever: James Gunn tells Karen Gillan that they need to do reshoots...

Back on topic, fully agree with this. Marvel are willing to take a significant risk (albeit not THAT much of a risk considering the next film is Avengers: The Age of More Money) on a property that's really not well known in a genre that's not been well served in recent years. That being said... I wonder if they're going to get really lucky on timing. Star Wars being back in release schedules will surely bump interest in sci-fi action adventure and the hype machine for that ought to be winding up right around the Guardians launch.

Plus it's such a fantastically weird cast (Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, John C Reilly, Michael Rooker and Glenn Close just to name a few) paired with a great director that the end product will surely be interesting if nothing else!

I'm still not convinced by what seems to be the received wisdom about 'Guardians of the Galaxy' that it will be a hard sell for Marvel. It's a Marvel film, and whilst the lack of recognition of the characters and the brand will probably mean its performance will be a little more modest than the films based on their more established characters, I'd be extremely surprised if this didn't do very well indeed. Marvel in itself is a pretty strong brand, and a mark of quality.

Guess I'm watching the game after all. Dem Seahawks beat ma Saynts, bra, n it was nasty... Yet for some reason in still going for them... New Orleans logic, y'all


Not to mention the fact that the actors involved are top-notch (I'm sure Karen Gillan could potentially entice the 'Doctor Who' crowd), and Gunn seems to have taken inspiration from the better 'Guardians of the Galaxy' run by DnA. It all shows that Marvel are taking the project as seriously as any other film in their roster.

Exactly. What percentage of the general public had heard of Iron Man before the movies? Actually that probably isn't the best example as everyone did know who RDJ was. But that wasn't the case with Thos of Captain America. The Hulk on the other hand was more known thanks to the TV series, but the films - whilst not flops - were not as successful as the aforementioned. If the film is good people will go to watch it.

If anything GotG will be easy to sell than Cap or Thor were as it is after the massive success of Avengers, and everyone will know it's part of that shared universe.
Also, I expect there will be more set-up for it to come (e.g. a post credits scene in Cap2 and/or a One-Shot)

When I read Stan Lee wasn't appearing I was like "WHAT!?" and then I read he didnt create them and I was like "oh ok, that makes sense".

A YouTube channel called "Beyond the Trailer" did about 5 fantastic short videos giving you the basic backstory of each Guardian. They will help if you want.

The Incredible Hulk's box office will not be repeated at marvel. They're well known for quality and I bet the hulk himself would beat Thor's success (not iron man's), thanks to avengers and surely avengers 2.

Variety is key for the continuing success of the MCU - bring on GotG and Ant-Man!

Yeah I thought he wrote everything this side of the Koran

I read an article that pointed out that marvel movies have held the May weekend since 2002, save for 2003 and 4, and marvel studios have it planned that way until 2021 at least. WB/dc had July for their 2 biggest movies; both made over a billion, and superman did not open then nor make a Bill.

Well, with DC pushing bvs til 2016, they also moved it to Marvel's May weekend. Nothing shirt of iron man 4 or avengers 3 could sway people from bvs, so it's safe to say Marcel's gonna blink first.

And someday there'll be a movie about it starring tom hanks.

I agree. I wasn't even too sure who Iron Man was when the first film came out. I knew the name, but wasn't all that familiar with the back story etc. You mention RDJ, but if you recall at the time his career was on the slide a little, and it was actually a big gamble casting him in the role (or so the commentards went). of course now Tony Stark couldn't be anyone but RDJ.

I have mentioned GotG to my wife (who loves all the Marvel films) but when I mention the word "racoon" I can tell she is extremely puzzled. Can't wait to see how this fits in

The Comic Book Wars!

Strapline: Better Call Stan

That has GOT to be the title!

Same puzzlement and doubt when I told my cousin about em... Until he saw their police line up picture. Show her this:

Unusual Suspects

Thanks for that!

Interestingly, he did do a very brief run on the Koran in the 70s, but it wasn't very popular and they ended up ret-conning it.

Probably had his own take on Moses and who are the true believers and whatnot. I believe there are still some copies in existence. Like, all of them.

Disagree. I think DC putting BvS on Marvel's weekend is incredibly bold, but the MCU will still be riding off Avengers 2 whilst the DCCU will have had nothing in 3 years. I think it'll take something extraordinary to make BvS beat Marvel's outing (likely to be Thor 3 imo).

(Or cap 3, depends on the final figures) but honestly I think it would be closer to a draw, which is bad for both. July is already taken with xmen:apocalypse. I see marvel moving to November. I don't think they should budge, I just think they will.

Seriously though, how is the cinema in Quinton still operating?

If it wasn't for Marvel I'd never go to the movies anymore (I do have 14 month old twins, so that doesn't help...). Marvel movies make me get a babysitter and Guardians of the Galaxy has me the most excited. I'm a big original Star Wars fan and I'm hoping that this is Marvel's way of bringing back that adventure/character feel of the oringal trilogy while adding in the modern effects, great acting, and engaging writing that has been a signature of the Keven Feige led Marvel Universe.
If they can pull off having demi-gods interacting with humans, then why not a genetically altered talking racoon and tree? At least there seems to be a scientific angle with these characters making them easier to believe in than Thor and the Asgard crew.

Judgeing from how bad the tie-in scene from Thor 2 was for this film...they've got a lot to shoot in post-production, because the scene with Benicio del Torro as the Collector was Laughable.

Never mind. They just moved antman to that July slot bvs abandoned. I think the gloves are off.

It was weird, wasn't it? It looked like a mid-90s sci-fi TV show...

It looked truly awful, but I don't think it'll end up looking like that. Set it up nicely though

James Gunn ‏@JamesGunn8h
For those of you asking about a #gotg Super Bowl spot, there will not be one but we will have something incredibly awesome for you soon.

Stan Lee co-created Groot, as I understand it. That should merit a cameo, IMO. Ah well.

It looked like one of the Saturday afternoon shows that aired around the time of like Xena and Hercules...terrible.

Hopefully, it will need some truly massive post-production touch-ups.

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