Michael Rooker on Guardians Of The Galaxy

News Glen Chapman 21 Nov 2013 - 06:53

Michael Rooker has been chatting about his role as Yondu in James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy

We had the privilege of chatting to the mighty Michael Rooker recently - you can read the interview here - and he was on fine form, as you would expect. He's a man very much in demand at the moment. After building a career as one of the finest character actors around, his profile has received a significant boost thanks to his memorable role as Merle in The Walking Dead. And he's set to receive more attention with a starring role in James Gunn's 2014 Marvel blockbuster, Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Rooker has been chatting about his role recently, telling Total Film of the preparation for it that "it's challenging. You have to forget that you have all these issues like three hour make-up and stuff... once you get that stuff on you have your own down time. You forget you have it on. You just play the role and you have a great time doing it".

He continued by discussing what he could about his character Yondu. You can probably guess, though.  “I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss any powers of any sort... y'know, most of the roles I play, just by it being who I am – normally they're somewhat formidable individuals. That's just sort of my look and build. So we utilise that in almost everything I've done, and it's the same in Guardians.”

Guardians Of The Galaxy is released on August 1st 2014. Might we get a trailer for it this side of Christmas, we wonder...

Total Film

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They better start releasing trailers for it soon, While people still have the mid credits scene in mind. John Carter ring a bell? Good movie, bad marketing, but unfortunately I think people will have Green Lantern in mind.

I think the main issue with John Carter was that the critics came down very hard on it. A lot of them gave it one star, which I don't think is fair, it wasn't Troll 2. It had its flaws but it tried to be surprising and had some really good moments. If GOTG has a lot of good comical moments like Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 then it get off lightly from the critics.

Good point. Marvel seems to know comedy, so hopefully they'll keep it up, beyond GOTG as well.

People _were_ confused by the marketing, however. I have a geeky friend who simply thought it was a sword and sworcery type film, based on the trailer. When I explained the concept, he said, "So it's like he's the alien on Mars, basically Superman with the planets switched? That sounds great!" and then wished he'd had a chance to catch it at the cinema.

my hunch is is they will get this film bang on the nose and it will make a lot of money

Sadly, people care what critics think of a film. People should try making up their own minds about things for once.

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