Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey for Guardians Of The Galaxy?

News Simon Brew 23 Jan 2013 - 07:15

Marvel may be springing a casting surprise or two where its upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy is concerned...

Marvel, it seems, might have some lateral casting up its sleeve for its 2014 release, Guardians Of The Galaxy. The film is heading into production later this year, with James Gunn directing, and Latino Review - which has a good track record with Marvel stories - has dropped some interesting casting information.

Firstly, the hunt for the actor to play Peter Quill is ongoing, with the latest names apparently added to the list being Cam Gigandet, Chris Lowell and Wes Bentley. Expect the final choice to be hammered down in the next few weeks.

However, it's the names being mooted to add a comic touch to the movie that are likely to raise the most eyebrows. Latino Review reports that Marvel has enquired as to the availability of Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey. That's a long way away from offering them the role certainly, but to put in an enquiry at the very least suggests some degree of interest. If, indeed, this rumour is correct.

Carrey now has form in comic book movies, with his role as The Riddler in Batman Forever, and his upcoming appearance in Kick-Ass 2. Sandler has, er, less form, more recently concentrating on churning out a series of less and less impressive comedies. That might just have lowered his price though.

As we hear more, we'll let you know. In the meantime, expect Guardians Of The Galaxy, arguably the riskiest film on Marvel's current slate, to land on August 1st 2014.

Latino Review.

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Can someone explain to me just how Adam Sandler managed to become so big because I really don't get it whatsoever!

Voice roles for Rocket Raccoon and Groot?

Please let this be not true!

I really, really hope they are wrong on this one. Or if they are right, I hope neither gets the role. I think that Carrey is alright, but not suited for the role (I could be wrong though! ) but Adam Sandler is just awful, consistently and im astounded he is still working. I personally prefer the cockney rocket raccoon from Marvel v Capcom 3, it just works!

Adam Sandler? No No No No No No No No No No No No No x INFINITY NO'S.

If Marvel cast Adam Sandler, I might actually weep. First Ricky Gervais in the new Muppets movie, now this. *sigh*

It's the fart jokes in his films, everybody clearly loves the toilet humour

Looks like Marvel is getting that shark ready for his jump. Remember WHICH Batman Jim Carrey (and Ahnold) were in.


That was my first thought too. Jim Carrey would probably be a decent Rocket Racoon & I could cope with Adam Sandler if his only line was "I AM GROOT!"


its all in the hips!

Jim Carrey has about a 50/50 chance of being good in this. Adam sandler, 1 in 20, 1 being Waterboy, 20 all happy Madison films. This movie will probably bomb. People only watch what they know. I'll watch it, but then again, I'm a neeeeeeerd

Yeah, this would be the way to go - if there's any truth to this rumour (remember Latino Review previously said this film would be Black Panther)

Different films.

Crisis of Infinite Nos.

The thing I do like about Carrey, is that he's not one note, he can act and, depending on the script, he can be funny. I despise Sandler. I hope it turns out to be just a rumour.

As Carlin said, "farts: it's s*** without the mess!"

RIP, George!

I was ill with the flu (proper flu, not the 'ive got the flu' you claim to have when you blag a day off work) and ended up watching sandler in Jack and Jill on one of the movie channels, it was, of course, as dreadful as you'd imagine but I have to ask, what on earth was Al Pacino doing in it? He didnt even seem to be phoning it in. If i hadnt sen the trailers last year Id have chalked it up to a drug induced hallucination. Dunk'acinos all round. That is all.

I would have thought the Mask would have appeared in Carey's list of Comic book films?! And....technically, The Grinch.

Sandler obviously a unpopular choice. But then so was Daniel Craig when he was assigned 00 status. And he did rather well. :)


"... the riskiest film on Marvel's current slate" indeed! Although Carry can play serious if he wants to (The Truman Show, Number 23).

well that just hit my not watch list if true

I'm competely okay with Carrey being in this. But maybe since this is Marvel's riskiest film they want to bolster it with Adam Sandler's audience. Who seem to go to everything he is in.

That being said, NO! I thought James Gunn wouldn't really go for Sandler? Maybe like Rainn Wilson or someone?

Carrey and/or Sandler? Carrey maybe, he IS quite versatile though im not sure who he could play, but unless they are casting for Pip the Troll--- a hearty NO to Sandler

Yeah--good thought

Don't forget Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...

Wow! This movie is shaping up to be unmissable. It's either going to be a complete car-crash of "Battlefield Earth" proportions or a slice of genius. I can't see it falling into the middle-ground.

Carrey? Not a huge fan but also no problems for me. "Eternal Sunshine...", "Truman Show", "Dumb&Dumber", "Me, Myself & Irene" - this guy can deliver the goods whatever is thrown at him.

Sandler? Jesus-on-a-skateboard! I recoil from the concept of Adam Sandler. That said, I've only ever seen one of his movies - "Don't mess with the Zohan" - and I thought it was very good. Think about it: Zohan is nothing less than an Israeli superhero. Yes, a superhero that just wants to cut hair, drink the bubbly-boobeley and play hacky-sack with cats, but a functioning world-saver none the less. Maybe Sandler could get the job done. Hide his weaknesses, push his strengths, rein in his self-indulgent excesses and shoot Rob Schneider on sight. Sandler could work.
Lets be honest - the biggest risk of all isn't the actors, or Gunn - it's the subject matter. I'm a geek (admittedly small g) and I've hardly heard of the Guardians let alone read any of the comics.


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