Casting news for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

News Simon Brew 29 Nov 2012 - 06:55

Who's on the shortlist of actors to play Star-Lord/Peter Quill in James Gunn's and Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy?

With Iron Man 3 in post-production and Thor: The Dark World coming to the end of its shoot, Marvel will soon be shifting its attention to its pair of 2014 movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The latter is the big risk for the studio, given that it's set to introduce a collection of characters that are nowhere near as familiar to everyday cinemagoers as the ones Marvel has brought to the big screen thus far (even appreciating that few outside of comic book fandom could have told you much about Iron Man once upon a time). The recruitment of James Gunn to direct seems a smart move, though, and we've been following Guardians Of The Galaxy with some interest.

The latest development is that it seems the film's cast is coming together. Overnight, it was reported that a shortlist of actors has been put together for the role of Star-Lord/Peter Quill in the movie. Thus, test deals have been put together to allow Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne, Jim Sturgess, Jack Huston and Joel Edgerton to compete for the role. Furthermore, also on Marvel's radar for the part are reported to be Sullivan Stapleton, James Marsden and Garrett Hedlund.

There's clearly still some way to go before Marvel picks its man, but we'll keep you posted as the cast falls into place. The film is set for release in August 2014.


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Am I the only one who every single time I see the name James Marsden thinks it is the same person as James Marsters?

yes,yes you are

No, I usually have to read the name twice to check I've not mixed the two up again.

No I'm the other one.

Nathan Fillion should be on the short-list as far as i'm concerened.

Us Australians also have to deal with the author John Marsden to make things more confusing.

I just can't believe that after the X-Movies Marsden would even be considered for this type of role again.

I'm just waiting for them to confirm that Michael Rooker is playing Drax!

As the voice of Rocket Raccoon of course!

I dont think I've been more excited for something I know absolutely nothing about. LOL

Michael Rooker would be great!

"(even appreciating that few outside of comic book fandom could have told you much about Iron Man once upon a time)." Can we quit trotting that myth out? It got real old, real quick.

Star-Lord is British then! Shame Tom Hardy's not on the list, but it looks like they're going younger. Thank god O Bloom isn't there... Lee Pace is best option here, but no one on this list is a big enough star to carry a blockbuster, surely. And Fillion would have been perfect 10 yrs ago, but he's getting a bit "Shatner" round the midriff.

no no no, James Marsden is Cyclops, period.

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