Grudge Match poster: Robert De Niro's head, not his body

Poster Simon Brew 1 Nov 2013 - 05:54

Barely concealed Photoshop work is the unwitting star of the new Grudge Match poster...

We really didn't mind the trailer for upcoming boxing comedy Grudge Match at all. This is the one that unites Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in the ring, in a sort of Raging Bull meets Rocky, without the Oscars, acclaim and other such inconveniences.

Still, there are no shortage of decent comedy ingredients, although sadly, this poster isn't quite the comedy they may have been looking for. Friends, we direct you to the uncomfortably pasted head of Robert De Niro on someone else's shoulders. We know that bad Photoshop work is nothing new on a movie poster, but sheesh: his face is a different colour to the rest of him. There's something a bit wrong with Stallone's head too.

That said, the film has the real potential to be a lot better than said poster. But let's call this the low point of the project so far...

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Bad photoshopping aside; I couldn't have guessed that was supposed to be DeNiro; I think it looks more like Bryan Cranston or Robin Williams... Amazing that someone looked at this and went "yep, that's good to go...."

It's looks like Walter White went as Jake La Motta for Halloween this year!

Aren't they both older faces photoshopped onto the younger bodies? there's a slight sepia colour tint and the gloves look older in style?

Or John Wayne. Or anyone who isn't Robert De Niro.

is it possible that the photoshopping being crap is intentional? As though the film is poking fun at its own absurdity?

Photoshop? On a movie poster?

To be fair they're both photoshopped bodies, although the Stallone one is probably because he has tattoos of his wife and daughters on his shoulders. But, yes, terrible stuff.

They appear to be younger versions of themselves, likely mirroring the plot in which they form a grudge long before their elder years; so it seems kind of necessary..though unnecessarily done poorly I guess.

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