Gremlins 3 likely to be more remake than sequel

News Simon Brew 24 Jun 2014 - 06:55
Gremlins 2 = great movie

Gremlins 3 is still inching forward, with news of potential writers, and the direction the project is going...

It's 30 years now since Joe Dante's wonderful Gremlins first appeared, meaning it's 24 years since his equally terrific sequel landed. As we've recalled several times on this site, one of Dante's cited ambitions with Gremlins 2: The New Batch was to effectively end any chance of there being Gremlins 3. He damn well nearly did it too.

But there's a growing sense that Warner Bros is keen to revisit the Gremlins series, and it sounds as if further progress is being made. Film Divider reports this morning that Morgan Jurgenson (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil) and Alex Ankeles (Subdivision) have pitched for the writing job on the movie, and said pitch "apparently went down a storm". They're said to have the approval of Christopher Columbus' 1492 Entertainment (Columbus penned the original film), and now just need the nod from Steven Spielberg. If they get that, then the pair will have the green light to pen a screenplay for Gremlins 3.

Not that it's likely to be a straight sequel. Instead, Warner Bros is likely to opt more for a reboot, unsurprisingly. The film is likely to "include story elements from the original 1984 movie, marking it out as a remake rather than a sequel".

The story at Film Divider is here, along with a look at the brilliant moment from the first Gremlins, where Phoebe Cates talked about the day she realised Santa Claus didn't exist... 

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Every time I read something like this makes me hate Hollywood a little more.

CGI does not exist in this dojo!

they should make Gremlins v Ghostbusters, it makes total sense.

Only if they make it back to back with the sequel Gremlins vs Ghostbusters meet Karate Kid

Gremlins Versus Critters!


And bring back Di Caprio for it.

Spoilers about Santa Claus there...! My parents actually edited out that part when they recorded the film onto VHS for me.

The fact it has the guy who wrote Tucker and Dale vs Evil makes me curious as to how it will play out because TDVE is actually a fantastic horror-comedy so...

I was always annoyed by the 'don't feed after midnight' rule because it was not stipulated at which point it once again becomes permissible to feed them. I will have been age 12 at the time. I also felt that the 'never let them get wet' rule was highly impractical and possibly a little unhygienic.

I thought the same thing too, where's the cut off point supposed to be? Sunrise? Dusk? 6:00 am when everyone starts getting up for work?

Yeah, that rule is a bit weird. Also, no water? How does that work? Mogwai seem to be mammels so they should need water to survive.

Well, Casper and Ghostbusters seem to be in the same universe, so why not?

Yup, Its always after midnight

I can already picture crappy CGI gremlins. Urgh.

Ahoy thar Ishmael! CGI crapfest on the starboard bow!

Magical Realism yo. Folklore variety rule-sets a'la classic monsters. It's not supposed to be wholly logical because it's not that kind of thing. It's the intrusion of 'weird' into a mundane small town America. Just have fun with it y'know?

Still it might mean a new Critters film, which I'm down with. Campier and gorier the better.

Ahem. The answer is breakfast. And unhygienic? They're monsters, not puppies. They're supposed to be unhygienic.

I hear this news, and it makes me want to do a Stewie on Family Guy does. He travels halfway across america to Will Ferrell's house to punch him for a joke he made during Bewitched, i on the other hand would fly to this Simon Brew's house, ring the bell, and punch him because 'THIS IS NOT FUNNY!' Stop destroying my childhood memories Hollywood! No CGI Gremlins (where's the heart in that?) You do it, you do it how Joe Dante did 30 years ago! Next it will be Back to the future.... oh please god don't!

well it just goes without saying that the karate kid has to be in it!

Even monsters need to drink

Yeah, blood. Also, says who?

It seems that no 80's franchise is safe from a dreaded sequel/remake by some hack writer or past-it film star.

Leave Gremlins alone you fox-eared bastards.

As if the movie was realistic ! xD
We all know that those rules are totally absurd and illogical, that's the point ! They even made jokes about it in Gremlins 2 when Robert Prosky asks Billy questions about the rules and points their limits.

Just have the Goonies in it, and I'm with you !

Obviously through adult eyes the irreverence become apparent but my point was that at age 12...

Oh sorry, I see your point now ;)

Kids can get annoyed at things we adults just let pass by. I remember when I was a kid getting really annoyed at the character Ivan Ooze in the Power Rangers movie complaining he'd missed the Brady Bunch reunion during his thousands of years of imprisonment. Surely he'd missed the original Brady Bunch anyway? Now as an adult I can see it's just a crappy pop culture reference but back then it was a major plot hole.

That's really sweet Parenting done right!

I'm still waiting for the HBO series in which the Brain Gremlin (remember him?) starts a private detective agency and solves crimes. He'd also sideline as a culture critic for some local news channel, and he'd be roommates with a failed writer played by Paul Giamatti, and he'd occasional just straight up shoot things while wistfully bemoaning the ethereal nature of a civilized soul.
Some people might want Game of Thrones season 5 instead of this. I understand and respect their position, but it is wrong.

It's odd that they knew the film well enough to do it on the fly during the TV airing. Certainly dedicated parenting!

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