Warner Bros trying again for Gremlins reboot

News Simon Brew 17 Jan 2013 - 07:02
Gremlins 2 = great movie

Joe Dante's Gremlins looks like it might actually be rebooted this time around. Don't shoot the messenger...(ducks)

We’re, as you may have guessed, sizeable fans of director Joe Dante here. And one of the things we love him for is Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The story goes that by the time Warner Bros offered him the chance to direct the sequel to his 1984 smash hit movie, the studio had tried lots of other options, and gave Dante the freedom to make more of the film he wanted.

Thus, he set about making a sequel that would hamper any chance of a Gremlins 3 being made, by taking the rise out of the whole idea of a sequel in the first place.

Gremlins 2 remains a massively underappreciated sequel, and it was scheduled up against Dick Tracy in the summer of 1990, promptly losing out at the box office. As such, there was no Gremlins 3, with infrequent rumours of a reboot surfacing from time to time. The last time said rumours popped up, we asked Gremlins writer Chris Columbus about them. He said back then, in 2010, that he wasn't involved, and had read about the reports just like the rest of us.

Zach Galligan, star of the the original films, was keen to reprise his role as Billy last time we chatted to him about it.

Now though, Vulture reports that Warner Bros is negotiating with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment for the rights to make another Gremlins, and the suggestion is that this time, the attempt to get hold of them is likely to be successful.

Sadly, if a new Gremlins film does happen, then two the following two things are likely to be true. Joe Dante isn’t likely to be involved with it (Moviehole reports that Zach Snyder is involved, but we can't confirm that), and the puppets will be gone, replaced by CG Gremlins instead. Here’s hoping we’re wrong on both counts, but in the case of the latter, can you really imagine a Hollywood studio committing to months of puppet shooting after the first round of production, when there’s a bank of computers somewhere doing nothing?

More on this story as we hear it. Try not to cry.


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Yes. Because the original was rubbish with poor effects and didn't connect with audiences.

Part of the appeal of watching the original is the puppets and a CGI Gizmo will never look as 'cute' as the original. I'm not anti CGI, but it's not always the answer.

Didn'tthey use some sort of CGI in Gremlins 2 when they showed Gizmo's feet and him walking?

Either way, this is awful news. But not un-expected. Everything is being remade now, we should not worry and just keep watching the originals and then boycotting all these piss poor remakes. The reason they keep remaking things is the takings at the box office. If we all stop going to the cinema to see them, they will soon learn.

"Zach Galligan, star of the the original films, was keen to reprise his
role as Billy last time we chatted to him about it."

I'm guessing Zack Galligan is keen to be in anything above c-grade.

It connected with me. Great film.

This will be so CGI Yoda all over again! Sad, sad stuff.

I should have written "sarcasm" in ALL CAPS and bold for clarity.

Unless they were sarcastic downvotes?

no puppets point !
It shows in movie land time and again that real built sets and aliens/monsters trump cgi everytime

Here here for gremlins II - I always use this movie as an example of a sequel being better than the original (and I always lose that argument for mentioning it)... I remember simply loving that movie at the theatre... :-)

Noooo! Please no! Why can't Hollywood leave my childhood alone?

I ahve a lot of love for Gremlins 2 and thought there might be a lot of CG involved in the new one... that said, I'd like to see the new movie although I might not buy it.

Gremlins 2 utterly slaughtered pop culture (and the original movie for that matter). I didn't need a sequel after that, I can pass on a reboot.

the original is a great film but - and it is a big but - it was released nearly 30 years ago and is rather under-appreciated outside the geek community.

Some of us don't feel the need to be sarcastic all the time because we actually have opinions...

they will ruin gremlins if they do that, a reboot is out of the question!! it won't be Gizmo as the star it will be another designed mogwai, they would be crazy to make the film, do a Gremlins 3 bring back Gizmo~!.

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic...

Think you're wrong there. I was very young when the original came out and I seem to remember it being massive. My mum even went to the cinema to see it (and she never went to the local flea pit!).
I had to wait for the video and watch it round a mates house who's parents were a bit more lax than mine...

I think there may be a glimmer of hope in the fact of how well the Muppets did last year. Imagine how many execs wanted to make Kermit, Piggy, et al CGI!?
We just need someone with enough passion and respect for the original to insist on puppets.
And please let it refer, if not continue from the previous films and don't let it pretend they didn't happen...

Calm down. No-one's having a dig at you.

back then, yes - I watched in in a packed cinema when it was released but does the current generation even know about Gremlins? I very rarely see it on TV and when it is it seems to be stuck on a graveyard slot.

We want Gremlins 3 not another re-boot - and we not want it all CGI - we have place for CGI but we need the puppets back - CGI would bring it down..It needs to be in the same format - dark but fun -

So true indeed. I'm kinda older for a student, late 20's, and some of my fellow classmates are around 20-is. Nobody even knew what a gremlin, let alone a mogwai was or even heard about this movie. At the workplace only the geeky girl knew about this movie and with that you probably have the current generation(not even speaking about the teenager range) demography who don't know anything about this movie except the few geeky fans or the peeps who were actually alive when these movies came out...

*sniff sniff* to-to-to-too*gasp* late.*sniff*

I hope they leave it as puppers because from what I've seen these days puppets have improved and look even more real so theres no need for CGI

"can you really imagine a Hollywood studio committing to months of
puppet shooting after the first round of production, when there’s a bank
of computers somewhere doing nothing?"

Hey arsehole! Strangely
the enough studio doesn't turn on the computers and they churns out CGI!
A team consisting of conceptual artists, story boarders, practical
effects crew and computer animators on top of the regular film crew need to spend a several hundred
hours to make something happen.

Yes please do a gremlins 3!!!!, I wanna see how Gizmo gets near water again & how he is doing & they better make it a sequel NOT a reboot & they need a least one human original character Billy (Zack Galligan) & of course Gizmo, maybe with Kate (Phoebe Cates)

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