Mark Strong on Green Lantern and Green Lantern 2

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9 Dec 2011 - 08:18

Will we see a Green Lantern 2? Find out what actor Mark Strong has to say on the matter...

In a summer where comic book movies made lots of cash, there was one that, bluntly, didn’t. Green Lantern may have crept over $100m at the US box office, but Warner Bros had to spent a lot of money to get it to that point. Furthermore, its non-US box office take was poor.

In short, the film designed to start a franchise seemed to have all-but-killed it.

In the aftermath of Green Lantern’s release, Warner Bros was bullish about pushing ahead with a sequel, albeit without Martin Campbell directing this time around.

However, Mark Strong, who came out of the film with reputation in tact (he played Sinestro) is on the US promotional tour for Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. And he’s been chatting to a MSN, who asked him whether he’s waiting for the phone call about Green Lantern 2.

“No, I know nothing,” he said. “I know that there are two schools of thought. There's obviously the school of thought that feels it didn't make the money it should've made or what they wanted it to make, so therefore financially there's no point in making a second one. But there's also the school of thought that feels like the groundwork was made with the first one, and that the advertising and notion of Green Lantern is out there and if we can make a second one that absolutely kicked ass that it would undo all the feeling that the first one hadn't really delivered in the way that it should've done.”

Our suspicion on Green Lantern 2? Despite the noises that were coming from Warner Bros, it’s best not to hold your breath…


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