Gravity DVD and Blu-ray release date confirmed

News Simon Brew 21 Jan 2014 - 09:33

Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is set to get a packed Blu-ray, and a not-so-packed DVD...

With a bucketload of Oscar nominations now under its belt, Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity's next job will be to conquer the home market. This is where we get to see just how well the film holds up. With the element of spectacle set to be diluted a little by the move to a smaller screen (well, unless you've got a scarily big telly), the narrative itself will come more to the fore. We're intrigued to see how well it works.

The DVD and Blu-ray has been confirmed for a March 3rd 2014 release in the UK. That's running a week behind the US release, which goes on sale on February 25th 2014.

There's a whole bunch of special features on the Blu-ray, currently listed as:

• Collision Point: The Race to Clean Up Space (Narrated by Ed Harris)
• Aningaaq - A short film by Jonás Cuarón
• Play With Introduction
• Gravity: Mission Control
• Shot Breakdowns
• Gravity: Silent Space Version
• Sandra’s Surprise!

As is the norm at the moment, if you're buying the DVD, you're being sold short (we've talked about DVD owners getting a raw deal before, here). The features on the DVD are just these:

• Collision Point: The Race to Clean Up Space (Narrated by Ed Harris)
• Aningaaq - A short film by Jonás Cuarón
• Play With Introduction

Hmm. The film will also be available as a Blu-ray 3D release, incidentally.

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I shall be purchasing a 3-D TV for the sole purpose of watching this film on it.

Is it available on 35mm film so I can project it onto the side of the nearest big building?

Gravity: Silent Space Version, nice.

Actually, I thought the Silent Space Version was the one we got? The only sounds were the ones you'd hear through the suits.

Or does it mean one without the music?

That's what I was thinking too. They were so clever by making the score a stand-in for the sound effects...

I'll probably get the BD just for the special features

Sucker. Fight the power

Special Features, especially on a film like this, are awesome. I have no issue with extra ones being on BD. I only have an issue with such things when they're store-specific or iTunes-only, for instance

And the RENTAL version has even less.. read: NO extras at all! (We got it from our local library.)

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