Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity: the first full trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 10 May 2013 - 05:38

The first full trailer for Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron and starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, is finally here...

We've seen posters. We've seen teasers. And now, finally, the first proper trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity has arrived. Much talked about, long in the making and occasionally delayed, Gravity is inarguably our most anticipated movie of 2013 - it even topped our list of the year's 25 films we're looking forward to.

So why are we excited about Gravity? Because Cuaron made the stunning Children Of Men, one of the best science fiction films of the past few years. He was responsible for one of the best films in the Harry Potter series, The Prisoner Of Azkaban. And Gravity sounds as though it could be a great showcase for his talents as a visual storyteller.

About two astronauts (George Clooney and Sandra Bullock) fighting for survival after their space shuttle is destroyed, its script caused a considerable amount of attention a year or two ago, and Clooney has described it as one of the most visually stunning films he's ever seen - though we suppose he would say that.

So finally, the first full trailer's here - and we have to say, we can't wait to see the full film. Gravity's out in UK cinemas on the 18th October.

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looks well filmed

Why do I feel as if I've just seen the whole movie?!

That looks just as good as I'd hoped. This really is shaping up to (hopefully) be one of the best films of the year.

I reckon you've only seen the first act- I doubt Cuaron's gonna fill a movie with explosions and call it a day.

Appaza all takes place in a series of long shots. Could be v. exciting.

It looks stuning.

I know it might sound strange… but it reminded me of "Buried".

ok. i'm hooked!
screw the effects, this is about story(telling). Just these minutes gave me a deep feeling of dread. amazing!

I got the same vibe. I wonder how much of the film will be them just floating around! Looks very slick though.

oooh. looks like one for 3d (for a change)

Can't wait for this, the script was great and Alfonso Cuarón is one of the best filmmakers working these days. Looks great!!

Can't wait - one of the most talented directors working today - if this is half as good as Children of Men it'll be the film of the year for me.

Looks like Open Water in space. Mission To Mars had a similar plot point, but that dropped all its promise and just got silly. I have greater faith in this.

I agree with Webb, or at least I hope he is right. If this was a synopsis of the whole movie, I'll be disappointed. If this is a synopsis of the first half hour, and then we get to really explore the concept, I'll be very interested.

wow. this looks really good. Can't wait!


The description is very good - in terms of actors, premise, production.... So I'm not going to ruin it by watching the trailer. I'll watch it 'cold' when the blu ray comes out.

Or you could go to the cinema...

Gonna have to be a lot more to the movie than just two people hanging on and trying to get home. I loved CoM though so looking forward to some long single shot scenes and good characterisation.

Wow, what a great trailer!
Can't wait to see this: its directed by Cuaron who, for my money, made the best Potter film. :)

I'll be the lone dissenter here, I guess. This looks awful and I predict this movie will be somewhere between "disappointment" and "awful". Come on, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney? The two least interesting and most overrated actors of the last 20 years. They play the same role every film. Clooney will make some quip with that guffaw and Bullock will stare back meekly like she did at Keanu since "Speed". Ugh.

Hmmmmm....seems awfully noisy for the vacuum of space. That would irritate me all the way through. I am easily irritated.

Well thats the main bit of the movie done with. I guess we pay to see the other 2 hours of silent falling...

All space movies include sounds in space, eg. Ron Howard's Apollo 13 when the cryo stir blows out into space. It's to keep up the tension for the viewer, if you were really there in space in total silence you'd be terrified when things happen but if you are sitting in a cinema with no sound you'd think there was a problem with the film.

The effects look good, but I just can't gel to Sandra Bullock.
Ever since Speedits just.. you get it..

um. 2001. 2010. Others.

Movies include sound in space because movie makers think a. we're dumb. and b. we can't handle the fact that there's no noise to keep our ears busy.

Nod to Den of Geek - article on 'movies that think you can have sound in a vacuum' please. Come on. What are you waiting for?


Firefly handled it well. So did JJ in Star Trek: Lens Flare.

Peeees? Peeees can we has the silence?

how the hell did sandra bullock get this gig!

I'd watch a blu-ray of anything over watching a 3D movie in the cinema. That godawful moneygrab of a no-real-value-added junk needs to be optional, not mandatory.

I've only seen a couple of films since 3D became popular that weren't also released in 2D, so for the most part it is optional.


I live in the Netherlands, where it is sheer impossible to see a 3D labelled movie in 2D (case in point: I tried to see a 2D rendering of Prometheus, but none of the 40+ screens had even a single showing a week in 2D).

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