David Fincher's Gone Girl: latest trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie
26 Aug 2014 - 06:33

Ben Affleck is the prime suspect in David Fincher's murder mystery, Gone Girl. Here's the latest trailer...

Is Ben Affleck's enigmatically handsome Nick an innocent man or a wife-murdering monster? That's the mystery at the heart of writer Gillian Flynn's novel, Gone Girl, and director David Fincher's forthcoming movie adaptation.

Rosamund Pike stars as Affleck's wife Amy, whose disappearance sparks a high-profile search and, ultimately, causes the finger of suspicion to fall on her husband. Then again, Nick doesn't exactly help himself either; he seems prone to the occasional violent outburst, and there's a definite shadowy look on his square-jawed features. Or is that just Fincher's moody lighting?

In all seriousness, Gone Girl's cinematography looks as atmospheric and immaculately constructed as anything Fincher's ever made, with the latest trailer positively stuffed full of dramatic, mesmerising shots. Who else but Fincher could make a scene where Ben Affleck observes a pair of hard-working bakers look so ominous?

Gone Girl is out in UK cinemas on the 3rd October. We're looking forward to seeing how beautiful the rest of the film looks.

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