Godzilla hits big, Godzilla 2 on the way

News Simon Brew 19 May 2014 - 06:01

Godzilla takes nearly $200m in its first weekend worldwide, and Godzilla 2 is already happening...

Legendary and Warner Bros have comfortably won their gamble to bring Godzilla back to the big screen, with the new film opening to $93m in its first weekend in the US, with a further $103m elsewhere in the world. It's the biggest opening of 2014 thus far.

No time has been wasted either in getting another movie going. Legendary and Warner Bros aren't working on too many projects together now - Legendary's main partner is now Universal - but the pair are reuniting for Godzilla 2.

Director Gareth Edwards has expressed interest in returning for a sequel. When we asked him about it last week, he told us "I’d be lying if I said it was two years of solid fun. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do times a thousand. It all really depends on how people like the movie. You ask yourself, why do you do this? And I only do it, if I’m honest, because I want people to like it. I want people to sit in the cinema and have that same feeling that I used to have when I went to the cinema as a kid.

It’s like this healing cream. If there are enough nice things that you hear, and people like the movie, it kind of heals all wounds. Suddenly, you’re ready to go make another. I’m gonna need a bit more cream, I think, before I go back to Hollywood!"

He might just have it, too. He'll at the very least get first refusal, we'd imagine, on Godzilla 2. More as we hear it.

Our full interview with Gareth Edwards is here.


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I'm glad to hear this, but please more Godzilla in the next Godzilla movie.

I thought there was enough Godzilla in this one. Lots of teasing up to the final fight, just like in the old days. Two hours of Godzilla stomping about would get boring real soon.

Good to hear this. Went and saw it twice last weekend and enjoyed the hell out of it.

I could be agree, but the human part is a big who cares, and the repeatedly teasing when we already know how the monsters are make this movie flawful for almost 2 hours.

You already knew how Jaws looked, but I think that film is infinitely better by not constantly showing the shark, and instead building gradually to a climax. It's the same reason I though that last monster fight in Godzilla was such a huge payoff.

But in the end it all comes down to personal preference, of course. :)

Yes! Now, if they could give a few quid to make a Dredd sequel too...

Yeah but Jaws had Scheider, Dreyfuss & Shaw playing proper characters who were compelling to share time with - and their isolation and sense of dread enhanced the movie.
Godzilla only really had one interesting character - and they was prompted killed off about 30 minutes into the movie. The other characters were boring, the film had no real sense of danger. So it needed Godzilla to step up, and the brief times we did see him he was fine - but this film needed more Godzilla time. The characters and story weren't compelling enough to hold the interest (like Jaws, Alien).
Anyway I leave the cinema bored when the credits of Godzilla ran - it commited to cardinal sin of being a dumb movie that thought it was smart.

I know it was obvious they were using this film to launch a 'franchise' but this film was rubbish. I could hear people snoring in the cinema, I think I nodded off myself lol. However if they get better monsters and more Godzilla fighting (less swimming to America for an hour) and being a bad ass then the sequel(s) could be fun!

Happy to hear this! Loved it, the build up was great. I just hope the huma element's in general are improved on. But, that didn't take me out of the film, I just want them to be a bit more memorable! Can't wait for more Godzilla though :).

Hmm, I think you may have watched another film if you heard snoring. That or your cinema need better speakers.

Maybe it was just the guy next to me and my wife on the other side snoring down my ears lol, but seriously this film was dull. the colour palette was grey, the dialogue boring, action boring, the Motus(?) were so grey and boring I think Weta digital forgot to texture the models. The only good bit was Godzilla s atomic breath, but that was done in a way that made me chuckle rather than be amazed.

Not seen the 1st one yet but excited to hear its done so well. Any sequel has to feature King Ghidorah!

I'd be very interested to hear what kind of story they cook up for a sequel. Seems as though it would be difficult to maintain the portentous, doom-laden seriousness of the first one (which I really really liked, although it could have done with a bit - not loads, but a bit - more Godzilla) if it was like "oh no, ANOTHER prehistoric monster has surfaced, let's all hide in a bunker and wait for Godzilla to come and save us!". And as good as Taylor-Johnson and The Third Olsen were, I'm not exactly on tenterhooks to find out what happened to them next.

Maybe they should cross him over with the Independence Day sequel or something. Or the dark, gritty and grounded Power Rangers reboot. Actually, I kind of want to see that now...

the great thing about this latest incarnation is that it is just as much a homage to the sixties godzilla sequels as it is the original fifties film, and the format of the sequels was always big monster wreaks havoc and then godzilla shows up later on (sometimes at the end) to take care of business, edwards seems to understand this completely and has crafted his film accordingly, i sympathise with folk who were expecting to see more of the big g on screen (the film is called godzilla after all but it was never gonna be called anything different due to marketing) but this is a film made for godzilla fans to enjoy, and God knows they deserve something after the 1998 abomination

i grant you that the characters could have been drawn a little better however you must remember that this is a big monster movie, so the human characters are always going to take a back seat to the building smashing action, anyone expecting much more than this is deluded, and quite how you can claim to have been bored is beyond me, the muto's are interesting creatures in themselves carry the film well enough until the later stages

i'd love to see king ghidorah involved but it's much more likely they'll plump for one of the terrestrial monsters, rodan and mothra will be top of the list i imagine

Meh, I thought the characters were mostly fine, and didn't detract from the spectacle one bit. A lot of people seem to forget the other monsters when they complain about there not being enough Godzilla; there was more than enough spectacle to make up for that, imho.

Go and watch the first two Godzilla movies; Godzilla had less screen time there than he did in this one.

Yeah, I completely agree. Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character was a bit of a wash out. They should have kept Bryan Cranston alive for longer. He was much more interesting

I also think it wasn't as good as Pacific Rim. I know Pacific Rim is a big dumb movie, but it does too and is unapologetic about it. Godzilla was trying to be a bit too serious, and could have done with more sense of fun

maybe transformers 4 will be more up your street pal

yeah because the end of the world should be fun lol

i liked pacific rim but ffs it doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as godzilla

I loved the film but I agree a little mor zilla plz ! But not too much as I agree to much of the god him self could get old real soon

So, you're saying movies shouldn't be fun? Why do you think Godzilla shouldn't be compared to Pacific Rim? Seems like the obvious comparison to me. We are talking about Godzilla not Citizen Kane

I agree. I think Ghidorah will be a bit too 'out there' for the movie producers. He is, after all, a 3 headed space dragon! Not quite in-keeping with the Man v's Nature theme of the 1st (i assume that's the theme based on what i've read). Maybe they could tie Ghidorah in with the MUTOS thing in some way.

LOL, they are probably just saying that to get people to watch this terrible film now the opening hypes has died down. Jumping the shark, announcing a sequel, I think, doubt this film will even break even, and that's after dvd and blu ray sales.

Oh god no, cant think of anything worse, those films are an abomination.

The film's budget is $160 million. So forget not breaking even because it already has broken even...

Spoiler alert in the comments do read this thread if you have not seen the film

I wouldn't be surprised if they'd include a few quid in the Godzilla sequel. Like, literal quid. Monster quids.

In movie budget short-hand, the cost of marketing a film normally doubles the production budget, so it'll break even at $320m. That said, with a $200 million opening weekend, you can see it making a healthy return on the budget. It'll never break even though (films never make money, officially. LOTR, for example, booked a loss of about $20m)

Now use some of the winnings of this movie on Pacific Rim 2, WB/Legendary, and I will be very contend!

They should just just go completely over the top and get Mecha Godzilla, Space Godzilla and Gamera.

The thing I enjoyed the most about Godzilla...he just looks so adorable :) When he first appeared on screen I had a big smile on my face, the final showdown with the MUTO when he quite literally spit down his neck was pure joy! I loved this film and hope they repeat the format with more monster mayhem, goofy nuclear scientists and general destruction. Although I'd be happy for this franchise to quit now for a Dredd sequel..!

Where is the info it made 200 million coming from? From all other sites, it is estimated to have made 93 million. And why would they announce a sequel after only two days of the film being screened?

It's been a long time comin...,

Its only made 93 million, not the estimated 200 million.

Yes, I agree that not a little is too enough, and too much is more than too much.

haha, yes very much so, the balancing act for one of these types of films must be a nightmare!

Well said.

This film was Bay-lite Godzilla tbh.

i think there's a time and a place for fun but edwards (quite rightly) chose to make a serious monster movie and deserves to be applauded for doing so

i'd love to see mecha godzilla involved at some point, i always felt that he was the big g's most dangerous foe, at least in the sixties era as i haven't seen many of the nineties films

Toho still own the rights to all of those.

It hasn't made 200 million though, all other sites have the earning at a dead cert 93 million.

My bad.

He does a whole lot of stuff right too, but the bottom line is, I just didn't enjoy it as much as I was hoping. I think they made a few mistakes (most obvious, killing off the best character and focussing on the worst)

After reading all the rave reviews, i was hoping for more. I would still give it 6 out of 10 though.

Godzilla was anything but fun.

It made 93 million in the US, but including international totals its 200 million already

Had to stop myself from 'Squee-ing' at the Mothra reference.

I'd compare this movie to your favourite sandwich being made with only a small amount of filling - sure, it's a good sandwich, but when you pay for it you expect more than 2 meatballs in a footlong sub. Tease showing Godzilla all you want- that worked, less was more up until the final third, where I want to see more of a fight between these things rather than fight highlights. I didn't care about the Scarlet witch and Quicksilver's love affair -The Mutos nose-ing each other was a deeper love and everyone wore the same 'who farted?' expression except Cranston, who was the heart of the film.
Ken Watanabe says at one point 'Let them fight' - SO LET THEM!!!!

It's Superman Returns all over again. Not enough Godzilla? Just wait for the Man of Steel action-levels in the sequel. Everybody will complain, that it's too much action. Either way, fanboys will never be satisfied.
I'd say more interesting human characters like Cranston would've been nice. Nobody would have complained if the main characters wouldn't have been so bland. The action level and cardboard, but fun characters in Pacific Rim was IMHO the perfect balance. They shouldn't have gone through the rift in the end as Hongkong was the perfect showdown action piece, but what do I know...
All in all we still have to wait for the perfect monster movie I guess.

Presumably they are quoting only the US gross - outside the United States it has made $100 million.

That's something of a contradiction. If they're going to downplay the monster element in favour of the human element, then you can't say the human characters are going to take a back seat. It needs to be one or the other.
I do agree with your point that it followed the path laid by the sequels, which I think was completely fine. Unfortunately the characters weren't strong, dimensional or truly likeable enough to carry the rest of the film. Pity.
Not terrible, just not great.

i don't feel as though the monster element was downplayed as such, just that it focussed on the muto's rather than godzilla, and i thought that the characters were serviceable (in a different league to most in pacific rim at least) and their performances all quite solid

Is that a problem? Legendary obviously paid Toho for the rights to Godzilla in the first place...

Wasn't one of the MUTA's essentially Rodan, just not called that?

no the flying muto was nothing like rodan

for me this latest godzilla is the closest we've had to a perfect monster movie since the fifties original and 1933 king kong, the only aspect they need to improve upon is the characters

i just hope they don't f**k up the sequel by trying to appease the popcorn munchers with short attention spans

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