First trailer and poster for Godzilla finally released

Trailer Simon Brew 10 Dec 2013 - 18:00

UPDATED: We've now got the new poster, as well as the trailer, for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla reboot. This is looking good...

Ever since footage from Godzilla wowed the crowds at Comic-Con, we and many others have been desperately waiting to see it. The new film is being directed by Gareth Edwards, the man behind the wonderful Monsters, and has an enviable cast list, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche and David Stathairn.

A leaked version of the Godzilla trailer circled the web for a few hours at the start of October, but finally, we've got something official and posh to show you. For Warner Bros has finally taken the wraps off the Godzilla trailer, and you'll find it below these very words. May we just add that we think this film looks brilliant?

We've taken a much closer look at the trailer right here too.

UPDATE: We've got the new poster too...

Godzilla arrives in cinemas on May 16th 2014.

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It's a curious choice to use that track from 2001 in a trailer, especially for a movie like this.

Hmmm, I'm keeping cautiously optimistic for this one.

It shares many aspects with the 1998 film but looks infinitely better. Looking forward to this!

Woah. Nice use of 2001 music. (I think?)

I'm not really sure what to make of had better be WILL be good, Bryan Cranston is in it!

Wow... well, that did everything a trailer should do. Been wanting this to be good ever since I heard it was in the works and this really seems like they're heading in the right direction.

Looks gorgeous and different to the bulk of the crisp, clean destruction stuff we've seen recently. The idea of using dust and debris to keep Godzilla as an (almost) unseen force is a great one and the whole HALO scene was almost like something from another world. The big G himself looks to have been done right this time and yes, my inner fanboy squee'd at the SKREEONK! Obviously doesn't show much story but that's for much, much later. What's here feels spot on and that's all we can really hope for right now.

Oh and please, if there's any justice in the universe, let this be the official end of using that ^&*%&^%!!! Inception siren on 'epic' trailers!

And best of all - it didn't spoil things. Just the right amount of the monster was visible, you saw characters reacting but, to what, we don't know.

Had enough of spoilers in trailers.

Yawn. Why does this movie exist when we have Pacific Rim?

As the man says... Yawn...

Looks amazing. Script rewritten by Darabont, directed by Gareth Edwards, starring Bryan Cranston and one of the greatest trailers in recent memory and all from a reboot! I'm excited.

Hate to break it to you but your logic is flawed. Bryan Cranston was in Total Recall and we all know how that ended up. Not even he can polish a turd.

No, you're right--the music is from 2001. They also used it in the trailer.

And frankly, it sure did raise the goosebumps.

Okay this is looking like its going in the right direction! I'm getting pumped for it :) just crossing everything that the trailer isn't a lie!

Everybody chill! I got this.


...and Godzuuuuuukiiii!

Wow. I was already super-excited to see this - now I really, REALLY can't wait. Well done, marketing team.

Godzilla thinks he can beat Heisenberg? Pah!

But seriously, this is a killer trailer. Doesn't give much away, only intrigues. Looks so much better than the overlong, boring '98 version.

Worked like gangbusters for me!

Best laugh i've had all day. Thanks Bongo.

Everyone has their bad days...some have many (Ben Affleck), some have life's completely compiled of them (Adam Sandler) and some just get unlucky (Bryan Cranston) :P But I see where you're coming from.

Wow.............. just.......... WOW!

What, no Matthew Broderick?

I hope Cranston is playing the worm guy...

Can they for once, not kill the Beast !! why do we have to cheer when they kill an animal which to be honest doesn't know what it's doing !! will not be watching..though trailer looks good ha

Yeah should have clarified that. Ta!

Not to detract from his efforts at least you know he'll be good, regardless of the quality of the movie.

Genuinely had hairs standing up on the back of my neck watching that. The one that was leaked earlier in the year was great, this one is even better. Stupidly excited about it.

Okay, it looks good, but...well, another reboot? Where have all the daring writers/studios gone?

that makes my private parts fizzy

There is plenty of daring writers and studios out there. Probably shouldn't confuse big budget action films with low budget drama (where daring cinema is being made). But, then there is plenty of daring, original big budget fare out there too (Gravity anyone?).

Matthew Broderick in this one?

Because it is killing people and destroying buildings???

Heh heh! Well played, sir, well played....

Yes please.

A fair point Durden; I should have been clearer in my view.

So many sequels and reboots (the fact the term 'reboot' is so common now is saddening). It's just very uninspiring.

Its better than using that Inception music..

Please be good...please.

I agree, the "BWAAM!!" is used way too much. All I'm saying is that it's very unusual that they're using such unconventional music for a trailer to a movie about a giant monster, which will hopefully make it memorable enough to start shifting the trends.

I understand where you are coming from, but there is still plenty of original material released every year and I would argue that a good portion of sequels and remakes are good (Star Trek, Monsters U, Skyfall, The Dark Knight, ect).

Wow. a 2:43 long trailer about a Japanese monster, and not a single Asian person to be found.

Yeah, I'm outraged!

Unless of course you count Ken Watanabe.


The Ligeti piece in question was an original work USED in 2001, neither originally conceived nor composed for 2001. Just like the Strauss pieces, Richard's and Johann's, that Kubrick "borrowed" to lend the film haute culture.

That is an amazing trailer, super stoked for this. Need to keep a clear head though, cant forget that Prometheus had one of the best trailers ever and that was a mess

I wonder if they are going to bother putting Godzooky in this one -.- .....

We're gonna need a bigger robot........

I love that they used that music! I think it's perfect: it gives a real sense of impending horror, that something epic is coming...

... and upon further investigation, Kubrick actually stole that music: he used four of Gyorgy Ligeti's compositions in the movie without permission, and only paid Ligeti a commission after a long legal battle (Thanks to 'Gil' for the heads-up)

I'm looking forward to this one. Gareth Edwards has a lot of potential.

Needs more "BWAAM!!" poor jokes aside, this looks really, really good. In the words of Borat, I'm excite!

No need to bring the Polish into this.

I think i just pooped my pants.

He appears in a post credits sequence that set this film up as a prequel to his dazzling turn in the previous masterpiece.

I'm submitting SKREEONK to be considered for inclusion in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary ;)

i cant waittttttttttttttttttttt

I'm wondering if this will go down the route of mourning its death, as opposed to cheering for it. I'd love it to go that way and really give the audience something to think/feel at the end.

It's in the Urban Dictionary, does that count? ;-) On a (slightly) more serious note it looks like this film is going to try and turn that particular bit of Godzilla lore back into an 'oh crap' sound rather than the 'hell yeah!' it became when Godzilla was on our side in later films...

You know what sound needs to be taken OUT of Karl Urban's dictionary? The Katy perry sound in the trailer for Prometheus. I still haven't seen the movie because people say it didn't live up to THAT SOUND. Now the squid ships in war of the worlds? That garbage boat horn? Gave me chills.

I was thinking, Was he Quato the unfortunate slack jawed host or Quato the psychic terratoma? Neither. He was boring remake Quato.

Well they got his back right! I hope he fights like a giant Power Ranger villain. Too bad John Kusack's not returning. They should have gotten that guy from 2012.

please go to your nearest sexual health clinic...

Omg, I could... I could SEE what was GOING ON.

It was like the camera was held steady for many moments allowing me to comprehend what was happening in front of my eyes.

Whoever edited this trailer did a bang up job. This looks utterly amazing. The leaked trailer in October was fantastic with its use of J. Robert Oppenheimer, but this is just straight up chilling. It reminds me of the first time I saw the Cloverfield trailer, and I was hyped for that for months. 2014 looks good as it is, but this has rocketed straight to the top of my must-see list. Just. Wow.

Apologies. One Asian. That, of course, makes all the difference.

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