David Strathairn to appear in the Godzilla reboot

News Ryan Lambie 12 Mar 2013 - 06:35

The marvellous David Strathairn is the latest actor to sign up for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla reboot, reports suggest...

Although much of Godzilla's production is shrouded in Area 51-like secrecy, one thing we can safely say is that its cast is full of class. Aaron Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen are among the acting heavyweights we currently know about, and with Monsters director Gareth Edwards at the helm, and Frank Darabont recently hired to rewrite the script, we could be in for a creatively vibrant giant monster movie.

The latest piece of casting news is exciting, too; David Strathairn's turned in some truly excellent performances in TV and movies for the past few decades, from L.A. Confidential to Syfy's Alphas. He earned an Oscar nomination for his sterling lead turn in Good Night And Good Luck, and was most recently seen in Steven Spielberg's sumptuous biopic, Lincoln.

As usual, the precise role Strathairn will be playing in Godzilla isn't clear, though there are whispers that he'll be playing some sort of military man. If so, we could be seeing the fabulously solemn Strathairn ordering tank commanders to fire on Godzilla's ankle within the next year or so.

Expect lots more Godzilla news to come crashing onto the internet before its release in the summer of 2014.


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Godzilla was my first fandom and the 1998 American remake was our Phantom Menace. Ever since I've been waiting for a reboot that takes the subject matter as seriously as the original 1954 film and this 60th anniversary movie could just be it. Godzilla Begins!

They are currently filming on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Acting heavyweights, yea sure (no way)

Heavyweights huh? I had to Google them and I still don't know them...

I hope he's playing Megalon!

thinking the exact same thing

That actually says more about you than them.

How are they roping such good actors into this cheesy crap?

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