New Godzilla movie given 2014 release date

News Simon Brew 14 Sep 2012 - 07:01

The new Godzilla film is set to go head to head with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Legendary Pictures is pushing ahead with its new big screen take on Godzilla, with Monsters director Gareth Edwards helming the project. And now, the firm, along with Warner Bros, has announced when we can expect the new film.

The latest Godzilla feature will be released on 16th May 2014, and that’s going to put it in competition with the new big screen outing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The new Turtles movie is currently earmarked for the same day, with Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes arriving the week after.

More news on the new Godzilla as and when we get it…

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Skronkingly hopeful about this one. I figured they'd hold on to 2014 since that'll hit 60 years since the original.

It's one bastardization vs. another. Thank God the next Apes film follows the next week.

YES! It comes out on my birthday :D XD

Well David has already set low
expectation for the film but that probably because he's a pessimistic douche. I
on the other, having no strong tie to any fanhood than the Godzilla series came
a little when I found out they are in a position to be picking a release date.
I am a little disappointed into DENOFGEEK for not posting several other updates
as the film has been progressing. So for what they've missed out on, the creative talents for the
picture include Gareth Edwards as director (the director of Monsters) and a screenplay that is collaboration
between David Callaham (The Expendables and Doom), David S. Goyer (Blade and The Dark Knight's) and Max Borenstein
(relatively new to the scene, having worked on the upcoming The Seventh Son).

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