G.I. Joe 3 to focus on Dwayne Johnson's Roadblock

News Simon Brew 2 Jul 2014 - 06:26

A new writer is hired to knock G.I. Joe 3 into shape, as it's confirmed that The Rock will be the focus this time...

The current plan from Paramount is to have the third G.I. Joe movie in cinemas in 2016, and the studio is currently looking for a director to take over the chair vacated by Jon M Chu.

As that search goes on, it's been revealed that it's hired Jonathan Lemkin to pen the screenplay for the film. Lemkin, who has a list of credits including Shooter, Lethal Weapon 4 and The Devil's Advocate, will be writing a script that shifts the focus onto Dwayne Johnson's character, Roadblock.

Adrianne Palicki is also expected to return, as well as the bulk of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation cast. The film will start shooting in the first half of 2015.


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I wouldn't mind if they found away to bring back Channing Tatum, he's not as bad as he used to be and his scenes with Dwayne were actually a lot of fun in the second one.

Just cross it over with Transformers already!

There are plans, but producer of both series Lorenzo di Bonaventura (correctly spelled at the first try) said recently that it would be very difficult.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: the franchise saviour!

Storywise it would be easy enough but I'm the behind the scenes business part is tricky.

Will Bruce Willis return to mumble his lines and look bored?

Ofc, it was only what the audience were doing watching this franchise

Who didn't see this coming? The last film also focused in Roadblock, which is annoying because G.I. Joe was never about any 1 character it was about toys selling toys...lmao. But seriously though, I'm glad to hear that someone wants to make at least 1 of the characters interesting and relatable.

wouldnt be a stretch, the first 3 Tf movies were practically GIJOE/TF xovers w/o the licensed GIJOE characters.

Roadblock is a character?

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