Who will direct G.I. Joe 2?

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16 Feb 2011 - 05:28

The sequel to G.I. Joe is being lined up for a 2012 release and there are surprising candidates to direct…

After the critical mauling that the first G.I. Joe movie got, with some justification, there was a feeling that Paramount would act to sort the inevitable sequel out, and thus prolong the franchise.

Things started well. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the scribes behind Zombieland, were hired to pen the script. Then, it was confirmed that Stephen Sommers wasn't to return to direct the sequel, unsurprising, given the rumours of unrest on the first film. It's nothing against Stephen Sommers, but a change behind the camera would be no bad thing for the franchise.

And thus we arrive here, at the point when directors start to get linked with the new film. The shortlist, though, might not feature who you think.

At a time when the Batman franchise is in the hands of Christopher Nolan, with Darren Aronofsky hired to make The Wolverine, Paramount has put on its shortlist the man who helmed the Justin Bieber movie. We really don't make this stuff up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jon Chu and F Gary Gray are the names in the frame. Chu's directorial CV includes not just Never Say Never, but also two Step Up movies. There's nothing genre-related, though, which doesn't inspire much confidence.

Gray, meanwhile, has a mixed record. We warmed to The Negotiato, and his remake of The Italian Job could have been worse. Be Cool and A Man Apart really weren't much cop, though.

However, while either may turn the G.I. Joe sequel into something really quite special, and we're writing neither off, they're not the names that instantly inspire confidence. Give it to Duncan Jones, or someone like that? Just a thought...

G.I. Joe 2, meanwhile, will join the summer 2012 scrum that we wrote about here.

The Hollywood Reporter

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