Ivan Reitman on Ghosbusters 3 and Triplets

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18 Aug 2014 - 06:47

Director Ivan Reitman on why he's not directing Ghostbusters 3, and the current state of the Twins sequel...

Work is ongoing on a pair of belated sequels, each of which involves Ivan Reitman to various degrees. In a new chat with Coming Soon, he's given an update on each project.

Reitman stepped down as director of Ghostbusters 3 earlier this year, following the death of Harold Ramis. He confirmed that he's still very much involved as a producer, but said that "I suddenly felt that Ghostbusters didn't necessarily need me as a director, at least I didn't need to direct Ghostbusters, let me put it that way. Having done the other two and with the passing of Harold and with Bill Murray seeming disinterested being in it, I thought it was better for me just to produce it and to make sure we're going to have the quality and style of what is appropriate for another version of that film".

He added that after two films, "the franchise could benefit from somebody else's point of view". Paul Feig is the current running favourite for the job.

As for the Twins sequel, Triplets, which is said to reunite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, probably alongside Eddie Murphy, Reitman confirmed it's still in development, but "it's now caught up in the middle of studio stuff". Which doesn't sound like it's going to be a fast part of the process.

Reitman's latest movie, Draft Day, awaits a UK release.

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