Ghostbusters 3 news round-up

News Simon Brew 10 Jun 2014 - 06:40

Sigourney Weaver drops story hints for Ghostbusters 3, whilst directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on why they turned the film down...

With production still reported to be starting either at the end of this year or early next, Ghostbusters 3 is an active project for Sony at the minute. And in a new interview with Vanity Fair, Sigourney Weaver has been chatting a little more about the movie.

She's revealed specifically that her son from Ghostbusters II, who went by the name of Oscar, is to be a major character in Ghostbusters 3. She said that, when speaking to then-director now-producer Ivan Reitman about the movie, "I have one condition. I want my son Oscar to be a Ghostbuster. And he said 'we've already done that'".

The search for a director for Ghostbusters 3, meanwhile, is ongoing. At one stage, arguably the best mainstream directors of comedy working in Hollywood at the moment - Chris Miller and Phil Lord - were approached. Miller and Lord have been behind The LEGO Movie and 22 Jump Street this year alone, but as they told Screen Crush, "right now, we're just super tired and we want to take a break", adding that "we don't really know what we're going to do next. We just know we can't jump into another movie like that right away".

They did add of Ghostbusters 3 that "obviously, we don't have the same attitude as people who hate stuff before it's even made. It's a fun idea and it's a fun world and I think it will work".

The original Ghostbusters, meanwhile, is set for re-release in the US later this year to celebrate the film's 30th birthday. No announcement has been made thus far as to whether the film will get a similar anniversary reprise in the UK.

Vanity Fair.

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One does hope it is rereleased in the UK.
How I long to take Mama and Papa to see it at the local cineplex.

If there is a familial connection to a possible next generation of Ghostbusters, then it sounds more promising than if they were just about to add new recruits to the business, or to start franchising to having more squads.

"People who hate stuff before it's even made"
Why do I feel a deep-seated gratitude at seeing this idea summarised in so few words in the same breath as it's dismissed?

Indeed. Based on this tiny 'Oscar' idea, the whole thing already sounds x1,000 more promising!

If it had been just a random 20-something or several taking over the business I'd be worried about things turning Sandler-y. But that bit of continuity could properly bridge a new movie with the previous ones.

I would love to see Oscar being a younger version of his 'dad' (we all know that Pete lives happily ever after with Dana after the second film) an super-intelligent slacker but due the the fact he was so involved with the two ghostly encounters with Goza and Viggo can see a lot of stuff or is hyper-sensitive to ghosts because....he really isn't Venkmans son and was actually conceived between Dana and Lois as part of the Gatekeeping ceremony to release Goza! took me years to figure out that they had to do the pants dance to open the gate. As such he is the key to unlocking ghostly dimensions so a lot of spirits or cult leaders want him as a conduit to other realms. Taking up the mantle of a Ghostbuster he and his friends with the help of Ray do save the world

Yes, the bridging -- that's exactly what it needs. A solid connection from film to film.

Would like to see Robert Sheenan or Nicholas Hoult as Oscar then Zooey Dencanel as the leading lady/love interest. Then maybe Andy Sanberg (Brooklyn 99) as the replacement 'geek' for Rays character, have somebody like Rainn Wilson as a member of the Spengler family some sort of mentor.

Because it's bullshit. The franchise is dead!

As it stands, yes. But this could be the thing that injects new life into it.
Or not. The point is we won't know until we've seen it.

I hope Bill Murray will stay on as Peter and become a mentor of sorts to the inevitable new recruits. He seems to be getting better as he's getting older, thinking particularly of his part in Zombieland and as Steve Zissou.

Im not one wanting it to fail but is super cautious as remakes, retreads, late sequels etc etc are not very good and I just think they have to take this a level they just cannot achieve as lets face it no bill murray no point in my mind.

but i am willing to be proven wrong and hoping so

No Murray.No Ghostbusters 3.

Kill it, kill this movie already WITH FIRE!

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