Cinema re-release, 30th anniversary Blu-ray for Ghostbusters

News Simon Brew 6 Jun 2014 - 06:25

Sony is bringing Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II out together on Blu-ray, and putting the first film back in cinemas...

This one's a story that's going to make some of you, us included, feel suitably old: it's Ghostbusters' 30th birthday this year.

And whilst rumours persist over whether Ghostbusters 3 will finally go before the cameras before 2014 is out, Sony has plans to celebrate the first film ahead of that.

In the US, it's going to be re-releasing the movie into cinemas for a start. It's set to play at over 700 sites in the States on August 29th this year, and hopefully that strategy will be played out elsewhere in the world. At our local cinema would be good.

Then, a 30th anniversary Blu-ray, with new special features, is set to land on September 16th. The new disc will carry over some of the old material from the previous release, but will also feature a gallery of artwork, the Ghostbusters music video, and part one of a retrospective by the name of Who You Gonna Call. Said retrospective will be a roundtable discussion with Dan Aykroyd and director Ivan Reitman.

And here's the news many have been waiting for: Ghostbusters II is coming to Blu-ray as well. Its disc will have the second part of that retrospective, as well as deleted scenes and a Bobby Brown music video.

A limited edition gift set will also be available. Here's what it all looks like...

When we hear more on whether the cinema re-release is heading to the UK, we'll give you a shout.

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Ooh, I'd love to see that in the cinema.

Any confirmation that the blu-rays are getting a UK release?

I don't understand the continuing love for Ghostbusters. Yes at the time it was fantastic but it's aged badly in most respects. The plot, humour and effects all feel horribly dated. The crap sequels also had the effect of milking it to death.

Will the BR still have the same transfer as the original release or is it a remaster?

SequelS? Did I doze off during the eternal GhostBusters 3 news stories and miss the movie?

Not sure how a plot about the supernatural can ever really date. And good humour rarely dates. The effects may be slightly creaky, but not sure how that makes much difference in the quality of the film.

The use of the plural is for the TV series - I should have been clearer. In retrospect though it probably worked better as a children's cartoon series.

Well they did stop twinkie production for a while, so that could have dated it, but I believe they make them again now. ;-)

Dr Ray Stanz - Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by dickless here.
Walter Peck - They caused an explosion!
Mayor - Is this true?
Dr Peter Venkman - Yes it's true.
Dr Peter Venkman - This man has no dick.
Still one of the funniest moments ever committed to film. Ghostbusters rules!

I do hope it's a full remaster and not that flickery snow filled disaster of the previous blu-ray.

If only you could still down-vote.

I fully expected to get some flak, but yes it's stupid that you can downvote but not see the result. The lack of any upvotes however show I'm in a minority.

I guess I must have known this minority was out there somewhere, but I never expected to hear from it. I have to say, the comment about the humour seeming dated is miles off my experience of the film. For me it gets funnier each time I watch it.
As for the effects - of course. It's thirty years old. No film is immune to that.

I have to back pedal a bit here! It's not all of the effects, so Star Wars or old Sinbad films I can watch without the effects feeling intrusive. It's some of the effects, most noticeable being the proton streams. I'm forever complaining about CGI being overused so I guess I should be more forgiving about the traditional effects used here. I therefore retract most of my criticism about the FX. The humour four me though still feels very '1980s SNL', and not in good way.

Fair enough. It's a personal thing.

Horrible cover though. What was wrong with the original logo?

Agreed. It is a classic line!

At first look I almost thought it was a Ghostbusters 3 logo!

Although I do find the hell dogs a bit iffy FX-wise, the rest still seems to work for me. I'd be cautious about upgrading to blu ray, though, as that may really show the cracks. I remember my reaction when I got Army of Darkness on DVD. Great on VHS, on DVD the whole army of the dead is so obviously shot separately that I haven't been able to watch it since (not being precious, but it's a bit hard to watch a film where the final third or so looks like something the IT department has whipped up over coffee - it really takes you out of the whole experience). Strangely, I had no such issues with the first two films.

My thoughts exactly on seeing this. I think it's clear from both the cover and the inclusion of a Slimer toy that Sony sees this release as very much for the kiddie market. I expect they'd have been taking that same route were they ever to actually do a Ghostbusters 3, which in part helps me get over the fact that'll likely never happen now.

still cracks me up after all this time lol

Ghostbusters II deleted scenes? About time! Can't wait for this. Horribly underrated film.

Some jokes are too self-referential (using the Ray Parker song as part of the Ghostbusters' moves), but Ghostbusters II isn't a complete travesty... even if using rap for the new theme was lifeless and embarrassing (typical late-80s)

It's the product of it's time, sure. I still think it's underrated.

A Bobby Brown video? I have to buy this now ;) I'm hoping they fix the picture and sound on the first film, as I heard it is a bit soft. Don't care much for the second film, but that digabook loos nice.

I saw it in theaters back in 85' I hope they are gonna ive us a deal on the price,and not current day prices.

Depends: do you still have the original ticket? :P

Also would be nice if they re-ran John Wayne flicks for ten pence a ticket. Cinema tickets were a LOT cheaper then.

amazon and ebay are currently taking pre-orders for
the 30th anniversary set and if you are living in the UK
and have an multi regional player that can support it and you can get the discs at region A currently
imported as I was told if you pre-order them now you
may will not receive them until October and they are
limited to certain amounts of units once they have
purchased they're gone just like the original fright
night blu ray did back in 2011 so check when
available but here in after you can still grab them
on amazon and ebay.

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