Ghostbusters 3 casting rumour latest

News Simon Brew 5 Dec 2013 - 06:40

Emma Stone has apparently turned Ghostbusters 3 down, but Jonah Hill is still a possibility...

We might be going out on a limb here, but we suspect that 2014 is the year that Ghostbusters 3, in one form or another, finally gets going. You don't need us to tell you that the movie has been in gestation for a very, very long time.

The latest we'd heard on it was the rumour that both Jonah Hill and Emma Stone had been offered key roles in the new Ghostbusters film. They were being offered the roles of Jeremy and Anna in the movie, and SchmoesKnow is now reporting that Emma Stone for one has turned down the role.

Furthermore, the site reports that Jonah Hill is still to decide whether he wants in or not, with its source saying that "Sony wants two big stars signed on or they will not green light the picture".

We await further developments with interest, The one certainty thus far about Ghostbusters 3 is that Bill Murray is seemingly going nowhere near it...


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So, all we need is for no big stars to sign on and this train wreck can go away for good? C'mon actor guys, you dont need the money that bad, please for those of us that love Ghostbusters, dont let this movie happen.

haha This whole story is hilarious. I actually want Jonah Hill and all of his buddies in it so it tanks and no one hires any of them anymore.

They should offer the role to Anna Kendrick or Anna Farris instead then. Both great comedy actors.

Jonah Hill is a big star?

If I was a 'big Hollywood name', the only way I would accept a role in this film, is if they could guarantee me that I would be working alongside Bill Murray.

Or maybe Rick Moranis. An unsung legend.

Bill Murray has never wanted anything to do with it, and now Emma Stone has turned it down? Is the script really that bad? Doesn't make me feel too confident about this movie! Audiences are not so easily duped anymore... if everything about this movie doesn't seem worth it, they won't just flock to the overpriced cinema.

I don't want this movie.

No Bill Murray, no party.


I wish somebody would throw some water on Dan Aykroyd's face to wake him up. This film has been in development for what, nearly 15 years? How is that remotely a sign to carry on? There's no shame in admitting a loss. Is it any surprise Murray wants nothing to do with it? He's got a good thing going in those Wes Anderson things (I'm not a fan but everyone seems to like it), plus he has gone on record countless times saying how miserable the Ghostbusters II experience was. I like the film, but if you've got someone in a film who doesn't want to be there, it shows (I'm looking at you, Bruce Willis). So of course he's sitting this out. And passing the torch to younger Ghostbusters? Jesus Christ. It's like Indy 4 never happened.

Honestly, I have no idea who he is. What films has he been in?

Original cast must be complete. Including Moranis. Otherwise, in the words of Walter Peck... "shut it off"

Must also include Peck.

30 years on Peck is out for revenge on the Ghostbusters who were responsible for ruining his life/career/suit/whatever so seeks supernatural aid - that could work!!

Actually, now that I think on that, wasn't that the plot line to the recent video game?

i said it before and I'll say it again! no murray no point :P

Audiences aren't so easily duped anymore? Erm...what about the Pirates sequels?

Just hire Seth Rogen and the rest of the bunch from This Is The End. Could be hilarious. Not for the old fans, but it will be a hit and perhaps really good. Add in a few cameos from Aykroyd, Weaver and who else they can get. Let them loose.

I would love to Sean William Scott in this.

And that game rocked!

u guys r all a bunch of faggots! this movie would kick ass and you know it!


It's been 24 years since Ghostbusters II was released and it wasn't very good, now it's rearing it's head again with the God awful Jonah Hill mooted for the lead!!!!!!!!! Please, for the love of God, kill it now!!!. Anyway, no Venkman, no point!!

I say get Chris Pratt to be a ghost buster that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bradley bjornstadts ghostbusters 2 has more of a chance of
getting it made than ghostbusters 3 they should hurry up
because ramis is 69 now and Atherton is coming to the uk
next springs collectors convention in Milton Keynes ahead
of its 30th anniversary but the sands in the hour glass is ebbing
slowly by the hours .
Frankie Dandridge smales

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