Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters 3 and 4

News Simon Brew
6 Dec 2012 - 06:34

Dan Aykroyd gives an update on the state of Ghostbusters 3, and hints about Ghostbusters 4 too...

It'd probably be easier all round now if Sony confirmed one way or another whether Ghostbusters 3 remains an active project on its slate. It certainly seems to be. Resigned to making it without Bill Murray on board, the studio was apparently set to press ahead with a shoot next summer, but has delayed a decision on the movie until March, which seems to tie in with the end of a financial reporting period.

Dan Aykroyd, who has been championing the film for seemingly years, has given a new interview to Esquire, and seems a little less certain about it all than he's been for a while. "Because of the ever-shifting sands and nature of the motion picture business, I will just say that hopefully, at some point, it will be morphing into what is known in the business as 'a production number XP39789'".

He continued, saying "then I will begin to rent cars, get hotel rooms, and bill for writing. But that point hasn't come".

Aykroyd revealed that he and director Ivan Reitman have worked for free on getting the film made so far, adding "I'm hoping that I can get that production number set up in L.A. and help everyone bring the movie to fruition, as the originator and creator of the concept".

Aykroyd also told Esquire that the current script for Ghostbusters 3 leads into a Ghostbusters 4. He'd only be looking to act in the first of those, though, before stepping back into solely a writing role.

You can find the full piece at Esquire.

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