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News Simon Brew
25 Aug 2011 - 21:21

It looks like Ghostbusters 3 will finally be happening, with or without Bill Murray. We think.

Reporting on the plans for Ghostbusters 3 has become a game of will he-won’t he where Bill Murray is concerned. The rules of the game are this: someone, usually Dan Aykroyd, makes some comments that he thinks Bill Murray will do the film. Bill Murray makes random noises. And then, Murray turns on the idea of the movie altogether. Then go back to step one.

We’ve been through this process a few times now, and it got to the point where the word was that the film wouldn’t press ahead without Murray’s involvement. It might just be, though, that things have changed.

The latest update has come from a new interview Dan Aykroyd has given, in this case to Dennis Miller Radio. This time, he said that “Yes, we will be doing the movie and hopefully with Mr Murray”, adding that “That is our hope. We have an excellent script. What we have to remember is that Ghostbusters is bigger than any one component”.

Aykroyd went on to point out that while Murray’s contribution was “massive”, so was that of some of the other cast and crew. “The concept is much larger than any individual role and the promise of Ghostbusters 3 is that we get to hand the equipment and the franchise down to new blood."

So then: is Ghostbusters 3 preparing to jettison Bill Murray if needs be? Or is this the boss level of the reporting-on-Ghostbusters 3 game? Will Murray now give an interview where he randomises everything all over again? Don’t bet against it.

What’s more certain is the evolution of the characters of Ray and Egon. Ray is “now blind in one eye and can’t drive the Cadillac”, while “Egon is too large to get into the harness”.

There’s more on the story here. And the film is rumoured to be heading into production next spring. Hmmm.

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