Ghostbusters 3 shoot delayed

News Simon Brew 1 Nov 2012 - 06:59

Just when it looked like the wheels were back on the long-planned Ghostbusters 3, another delay hits the project...

Well, after a long period where it looked like Ghostbusters 3 was never going to happen, a few weeks ago the project suddenly jolted back into life. The movie was set to shoot next summer, Bill Murray wasn't returning, but pretty much everyone else - including director Ivan Reitman - was.

However, Sony has apparently now delayed a decision on when to press ahead with the film until next March, which presumably ties into the end of its financial reporting period. After all, the Sony parent company hasn't been having the best of times, and rumours suggest that there's pressure to trim costs.

The delay in formally greenlighting Ghostbusters 3 - and we still think the film is coming now, given the development expense Sony has incurred - means that the planned summer start date can't now happen. Assuming everything falls into place next March, it looks like Ghostbusters 3 will shoot this time next year.

More on the story as we get it.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Dear Sony,

If there is any chance this movie can be pushed back till about the year 2060, that would be great. It would mean I would never have to watch it.

If it comes out before then, I will have no chance but to watch it out of curiosity (like we all will!) and then most likely be hugely disappointed.

Yours pleadingly,

P.S The reason I wish it to be released in the year 2060, is that the likelihood is I will be about 6ft under and resting in peace at never having seen it.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Oh, now this is just getting ridiculous!

At this stage, my expectations for this movie have officially reached "I'll believe it when I sodding see it."

what if your re-animated Zombie corpse is forced to watch it, better play safe. Just dont make Ghostbusters 3

Duke Nukem

Indeed.This movie's looking more and mre like Hollywood's answer to Duke Nukem Forever/Chinese Democracy...

That is, the thing in question will eventually come out, LONG after we stop caring? Kinda already there, so feel free to get rolling on this "Indy 4" of a sequel, guys!

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