New writer confirmed for Ghostbusters 3

News Simon Brew 11 Jul 2012 - 06:37

The script to Ghostbusters 3 is being rewritten, and one of the writing brains behind Tropic Thunder has been brought in to do it...

Ghostbusters 3 continues to be the film stuck in development hell that shows no sign of dying. Recently, Dan Aykroyd had revealed that new writers had been brought on board the movie to pen a new draft of the screenplay. And now, Variety has revealed the identity of the new scribe.

Sony has hired Etan Cohen, whose big screen credits include Tropic Thunder and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, to rewrite the movie. Cohen's also done plenty of work on the small screen, too, on the likes of Beavis And Butt-head, and King Of The Hill.

The plan apparently is for the film to still involve the passing of the proverbial torch from the old gang to a new one, although we wait and see what, er, Bill Murray's current position on the project is.

We're still not a great deal closer to the film moving into production. But at the least, there's still life in the project yet...


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Passing of the proverbial torch? I guess they're doing that because Mutt Williams was so popular with the fans that it revitalized the franchise and led to a whole new series of artifact hunting adventure films starring Shia LeBeouf?

I still say they will ditch this and go the remake route in time.

Can't they use the proverbial torch to burn any record of this film ever being made? Some franchises are best left in their own decade...

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