Live action Ghost In The Shell movie finds director

News Simon Brew
27 Jan 2014 - 06:56

Ghost In The Shell is to get a live action remake, courtesy of Snow White And The Huntsman's Rupert Sanders...

The live action take on Akira may have fallen by the wayside, but Hollywood has still been looking at Manga to give a live action big budget movie adaptation to. And it's settled on the long-mooted remake of Ghost In The Shell.

DreamWorks has been developing the project, and it has a screenplay in place from William Wheeler. And now it has a director too: Snow White And The Huntsman's Rupert Sanders has reportedly signed up to direct the film.

Sanders has been linked to a few different movies, and while he's definitely on-board this one, it doesn't necessarily mean that Ghost In The Shell will shoot next. We can't imagine that DreamWorks will be keen to hang around too long, however.

More as we hear it...


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