Live action Ghost In The Shell movie finds director

News Simon Brew 27 Jan 2014 - 06:56

Ghost In The Shell is to get a live action remake, courtesy of Snow White And The Huntsman's Rupert Sanders...

The live action take on Akira may have fallen by the wayside, but Hollywood has still been looking at Manga to give a live action big budget movie adaptation to. And it's settled on the long-mooted remake of Ghost In The Shell.

DreamWorks has been developing the project, and it has a screenplay in place from William Wheeler. And now it has a director too: Snow White And The Huntsman's Rupert Sanders has reportedly signed up to direct the film.

Sanders has been linked to a few different movies, and while he's definitely on-board this one, it doesn't necessarily mean that Ghost In The Shell will shoot next. We can't imagine that DreamWorks will be keen to hang around too long, however.

More as we hear it...


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When will Hollywood realize that American manga adaptations never work? If this ever gets made I really hope Neill Blomkamp is the man behind the camera plus writer/co-writer. Of course Sharlto Copley would be there too. Seriously, the world needs more sci-fi movies from Blomkamp.

This is...unwise.

That certainly means that Kirsten Stewart isn't in it. Nonetheless... Hollywood shouldn't do a Live Adaptation at all IMHO.

Dear God,

Please stop this terrible thing from happening.

Lots of love,

I'll take the wait and see approach...

And more Sharlto Copley.

Well if they do do it and it sucks (as it will) then hopefully it will put Hollywood off from touching Akira forever.

We've just seen what happens when Hollywood try to put their fingerprints on a Manga classic.

Oldboy, in the simplest terms... sucked.

I would love to see an Akira live action film ( i think we all would wouldn't we?), but only if it were made by the same studio's who brought us the Korean live action Old Boy.

Maybe even get in Gareth Evans to direct!?

Seriously, the world needs more sci-fi movies from Blomkamp.

As long as it's more like District 9 than Elysium...

I loved Elysium.

I'm not sure why some people did not enjoy it?

Because it lacked any sense of subtlety in storytelling, because it decided to hit you over the head with the message of the movie, and because Jodie Foster was almost phoning it in.

I know what you mean about the message, but why does that matter so much?

Plus, it's not as if District 9 was cloaked in subtlety was it?

I'll give you Jodie Foster though!

I liked Elysium, I loved District 9. I agree with the lack of subtlety, kind of reminds me of Upside Down (that movie with Kirsten Dunst). However, Sharlto Copley's Agent Kruger was just phenomenal!!!

True. Sharlto Copley was pretty much the only thing I liked about Elysium.

How good would Sharlto Copley be as Lex Luthor.

He needs to be in more films.

It can't be helped that Oldboy was directed by that tosser Spike Lee. Maybe we have yet to find a western director who actually can manage to make an adaptation work. I would agree that Gareth Evans would be a good choice.

And from what I've seen from the output in Japan, I don't think they've
done any better when it comes to live-action adaptations of popular
manga anyway. We just don't seem to mention it (or admit it) as much because of the percieved notion that Asain cinema can do no wrong. Crap films are crap films, no matter what language is spoken.

Personally I'm holding out for more news on Cowboy Bebop. Surely that one would be easier to adapt since the original material reeks of homages to western culture.

Nooo this is all wrong. GitS is a quiet, moody, mature and deeply philosophical masterpiece. Not some stupid action blockbuster. The only one in Hollywood I can see succesfully doing a GitS remake is Ridley Scott. But this hack? No way. The only way this trainwrack can be salvaged is if they bring onboard Mamoru Oshii (the 5th greatest director of all time imo) as a consultant.

Yes they should. GitS would work very well as a live action film but with the right people onboard and that's definitely not the case here.

I wouldn't mind at all if they did Akira. Akira is too loud and with too much too much destruction porn. In my opinion it's no better than your average Hollywood blockbuster. GitS on the other hand is just one of the best sci fi movies of all time and one of my personal favourites and they should stay the hell away from it unless they bring along the right people.

While the Mamoru Oshii films are certainly very cerebral, the manga it was based on (and in turn what influenced the TV series) wasn't exactly as deep as complex as those films. There's a reason why the fuchikomas from the mangas don't appear in the films. My guess is that the tone will be more towards what Stand Alone Complex was, which while also deep, also flirted with more action-drama procedural type stories. How the Americans handle that REMAINS to be seen...


This makes me think of the southpark following the release of Crystal Skull

"How the Americans handle that REMAINS to be seen..."
Badly in a word, cant help but think hackers meets underworld meets minority report meets i robot with lots of pointless 3d spin around people in slow motion shots.

Best we could hope for would be something in tone like blade runner and tetsuo

At least uwe boll isnt associated with this travesty yet...

Oh god please no!. Is there nothing safe from hollywoods bastardization hunger?
Get some original ideas for christ sake!

Hmm I didn't know that. I haven't read the manga. I'm actually not one for manga and animé. GitS was the first animé I ever saw I actually really liked. I've since seen pretty much all of Mamoru Oshii's films including his live-action features. (love Avalon) I tried Stand Alone Complex but it had all the style of the films but none of it's substance. If the Americans decide to do it like that show I doubt I'll like it very much,

If they make the GitS movie in tone with Blade Runner I believe it might actually turn out to be a very good film. The original had a very BladeRunnerish feeling to it I thought. However since Ridley Scott's not attached I doubt it will turn out this good.

You just made me spit out my crunchy nut cornflakes "no better than your average Hollywood blockbuster"?? For the film maybe you are correct but remember the movie we have only covers a 1/3 of the full story. If you look at the manga which is a sweeping epic covering every facet of human life and is a story of empire building, revenge, hope, survival and the yanks getting their arses handed to them on a plate and the ending gets better every time i read it. Plus the whole thing makes sense which at times the film struggled to get its point across.

It would need a jackson-esque 3 or 4 film epic to even come close to getting the full story of akira right. Best thing ever written in my book.

First of all let me say that was terribly rude of me. Even though it is how I feel I shouldn't have stated it in such a non-nuanced way. I just got bad news afk and probably shouldn;t have commented at all. Second: I've only seen the film. As I said below I;m not really a manga or animé type of guy. I just like GitS and most other Mamoru Oshii films. Two other people did recommend me to read the manga as well so I probably will at some point but right now I can't actually comment on that.

It seems the conversations always refer to Oshii's film rather than Masamune Shiro's original stories. I hold the Oshii GITS films in high regard, but the ting is that they were Oshii films, not GITS films. The characters in the manga were never as morose as their film counterparts. Heck even some comedic things happened. (Batou getting electrically shocked from accidentally interrupting Motoko during a lesbian threesome she was in the middle of for example, something I reckon won't make it into the proposed adaptation.) In fact Stand Alone Complex was more true to Masamune Shiro's characters and original tone of action-drama procedural narrative, with yes a dose of philosophy and social commentary.

Again the films are wonderful and an important part of cinema history, but they are not (and should not be regarded as) the definitive version of Ghost in the Shell, to the detriment of Shiro's original manga which it was based on. It is very likely that the manga itself will be the inspiration for story and tone, not the uber philosophical, noir Oshii film. Again I take the polite position of wait and see. If the end product is an abomination fair enough, but until then I will give them the benefit of the doubt...

The substance you refer to here is mostly an addition from Mamoru Oshii. Actually he kinda did the same thing with the Patlabor film, not doing the same story as GITS, but creating a tonally different story compared with other adaptations...

I really like his Patlabor films as well. When people say the reason I didn't like Pacific Rim is because I'm not into mecha I refer to the Patlabor films. Those are great Mecha films. On the other hand I have to admit I didn't quite like Innocence. It felt a bit too quote heavy. As if Mamoru Oshii felt the need to demonstrate how well read he is which i never doubted for a second. Even so it wasn't bad either and I'm really hoping he'll make another sequel.

I see. I guess that kind of explains my negative reaction. I love Mamoru Oshii's style of filmmaking and am not such a big manga fan so I guess this film won't be for me regardless of whether it's good or not. By the way I wouldn't say Oshii's film's uber philosphical. I'm quite into philosophy and have a minor degree in it and although it's one of the few films that's actually deeply philosophical rather than just barely touching the surface (Matrix) it can still also just be seen as a good action thriller.

The impact of oshii's version is still undeniable, but again it's a pity that this is the only version widely known.

Yeah I think Del Toro eschewed the traditional themes normally associated with mecha and just went for straight action for Pacific Rim intentionally, which worked to an extent. This was a movie unashamedly aimed at those who enjoyed the 80s to early 90s era of purely action genre. Again nothing wrong with that, just the direction the film went. I won't deny that I personally enjoyed Pacific Rim for those qualities.

I agree. I'm not familiar with the manga and I don't think I'll make myself familiar with them as I didn't like SAC either. However for those who enjoyed the manga it's a shame there isn't really a faithful movie adatation yet. (still think Oshii's the 5th greatest director of all time and makes absolutely awesome films though)

Please Hollywood stay away from this franchise... there are very few women who could actually play someone as iconic as the Major and I fear for who they'll choose. No just let it go, before you ruin it.

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