Gerard Butler heading for Point Break remake

News Ryan Lambie 9 Jan 2014 - 06:21

Olympus Has Fallen star Gerard Butler is in talks to take the lead in the forthcoming Point Break remake, latest reports suggest...

"Sir, I pick the skin off chicken".

That line above is one of the reasons why Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 crime thriller Point Break is such an enduring favourite: as well as the smouldering bromance between its two leads, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, there's the tension of the thriller plot and the dozens of quotable lines in its script.

"I'm so hungry, I could eat the ass end out of a dead Rhino." See? There's another.

At any rate, we've known for some time now that a remake of Point Break's in the offing, with Ericson Core directing and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer's responsible for the new script. And the latest story from the remake's production is that Gerard Butler's set to star in it - he'll be playing Bodhi, the character once inhabited by the late Patrick Swayze in his 90s prime.

Butler's no stranger to surfing movies - he starred in the 2012 drama Chasing Mavericks, where he played surfer Frosty Hesson. The question that remains is, who will replace Keanu Reeves as undercover agent Johnny Utah? It's still relatively early days for the production, so we'll no doubt hear more in due course.

"That's Bodhi. They call him the Bodhisattva."


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They only live to get radical.

Oh dear Lord, do they have no shame (or originality) anymore in Hollywood? They'll (re)make this but won't give 'Dredd' a sequel... something very wrong there,, methinks!

You know - I have to say - As much as I like GB as an actor. I just don't think anyone will do Bohdi better than Swayze. This film is a freaking classic and it should be left WELL alone. I wish Hollywood would at least try to make original films... or is that just left to the independents now...?!

Just leave classics alone!

'Dredd' wasn't a Hollywood film, it was an independent British film shot mostly in South Africa using Indian money, but I get your point! A 'Dredd' sequel could actually do quite well as a cult hit, considering the fanbase it has now, and could be made for a modest sum like $40m (minus the needless 3D this time, thank you).

If any recent film deserves a sequel, it's 'Dredd'...

The 3d wasn't needless. It was one of only a few examples of where the process enhanced the overall experience, making it more intense and the violence disconcertingly beautiful. IMO.

Arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh *fires 14 rounds into own head*

Great! Can they get Norman Blake to play the part of Anthony Keidis's character Tone?

On this I agree, plus Butler will no doubt put on his awful 'Merican accent. It's a bad bad idea remaking Point Break, why not just put some money into another cycle in the cinema? Next they'll be trying to remake Near Dark and work through the Bigelow filmography.

agreed, there are so many books and comics out there just begging to be made into movies, why reboot classics like this one ?

Look, if all of us agree collectively, to ignore, not report on & boycott the remake of Point Break we can just pretend it isn't happening. Deal?

Point Break was basically remade in 2001. They called it The Fast and the Furious.

I love the 90's Point Break and I always will. I could care less if they want to remake it or not, it will not change anything.

That's not a bad comparison actually... Love both films.

Please no its a fantastic film and they will only ruin it.

Here here Dredd was a lot better than i expected and i would pay to see a sequel.

I vote Dave Franco for the Keanu role. Not that my vote counts.

Yeah, this film needs to be remade, just like Citizen Kane needs to be remade. Please Hollywood, just do an adaptation of it rather than a remake, the original Fast & Furious movie was an "adaptation" of Point Break and it sort of worked (and started a mega franchise).
I need to see a remake of Point Break like I need a hole in the head.

Crazy like the Butler just doesn't have the same ring to it as Crazy like the Swayze

Splutter like the Butler?
Mutter like the Butler?
Scarred like Gerard?
Disregard the Gerard?

This is fun by the way... have a go.


How did you mange to fire the other 13 once the first one went into your head?...

Magic obviously. Anyway don't worry about that, worry about how many other spelling/life mistakes you have made today.

THIS. IS. BU- We're sorry to interrupt this broadcast. Stay tuned for our Keenan Ivory and Shawn Wayans Film Festival.

Gary Busey's rolling in his grave... and trippin, and geekin, and generally gettin fried as he is wont to do at the cemetery he frequents. Maybe this remake will feature Bruce Jenner in his role yelling at Butler "I'll rip out your endocrine system!!!" before being tranquilized and dragged off set by the cast of new hit reality show "Finding Big Busey", and landing a recurring role as a throw rug.

Busey is alive......but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he is just rolling around in a grave for fun..

The Rard Butler

I feel like Gerard Butler would be better as the Busey character....Then have Keanu play the Swayze role...
JGL as the Keanu character (he is up for everything else anyway, why not one more part...)
**the preceeding ellipses-filled rant brought to you by utter disbelief

Precisely. I know he's not dead. I'm not sure HE knows. I mean his grin is a death's head, dental record n all

Keanu could play the Swayze role as bi/gay in the remake.

I really thought Paul W was gonna be Keanu's successor! sigh..


Have to confess I thought the same thing.

Wonder what justification they'll be using for this remake - there's no source novel/story they can claim to be getting closer to or basing the new film on, I'm not sure that surfing, sky diving, running and shooting guns in the air looks particularly out of date considering modern tech developments, the original was made on a decent budget starred a big name cast and was directed by someone who's since won an Oscar and there really isn't a current event by reference to which they can claim to be updating the story to make it more relevant for our modern times. Nope, they may just have to admit this is really just because they need the cash and have no original ideas. And Gerard Butler? Yep, that's a sign of quality.

Just remember you only need one bullet to kill yourself genius.

Jesus Christ...Utah lets Bodhi escape screams 'arrrgghh' *fires 14 rounds*, end scene. Understand the reference, let it go. Then watch the movie,go out and try to find a girl. THE END

I got the reference, merely making an observation that YOU can't fire all those 14 rounds into your own head.

Get the point? Good. Chill out Sir Grammar Nazi.

I really get the feeling that Hollywood is for some reason trying to erase Patrick Swayze's legacy. There can't be many films left for them to remake now, unless they want to try eviscerating "Keeping Mum" or "Donnie Darko"?

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