First trailer lands for Fury, starring Brad Pitt

Trailer Simon Brew 25 Jun 2014 - 10:48

David Ayer directs Brad Pitt in Fury, heading to cinemas in November. Here's the trailer...

Off the back of his success with the excellent End Of Watch, director David Ayer has followed it up with two movies. The first, Sabotage, didn't win too many people over earlier in the year. But we've got high hopes for his next release, Fury.

Fury stars Brad Pitt, a World War II movie set in 1945, as the Allies make their final push in Europe. Pitt plays an army sergeant who leads a tank and its crew on a near-suicide mission behind enemy lines.

The film co-stars Shia LaBeouf (for it is he), Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena. And it's due in cinemas in November. Here's the first trailer...

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Looking good but do you want to know the weird thing? Pitt probably would now have been too old to have gone into combat in WW2 as he is 51 years old ........ I swear the s.o.b. has a decaying picture holed up in his loft somewhere.

Murica Fook Yeah! lol on a serious not doesnt look too bad

It looks like a very well filmed cliche war drama Spielberg would do.

We all know we are here to see german tanks, right? ;)

Nice! I never thought about that before....Dorian Pitt?

I'm excited.

I really hope the film is put together with more originality than the trailer.

They had hipsters in WWII?

Shia LeNaff....again? FFS!

This looks to be the best war movie since Saving Private Ryan.

Wonder if Pitt and Bernthal sat around arguing over which is better, walkers or fast zombies.

Would be nice to see the other armies involved for once - you know like the hundreds of thousands of British, Canadian, polish and Free French... last time I looked they outnumbered the Americans by quite a lot

And we see TIGERS , not Pattons pretending to be Tigers. Yes, I'm looking at you Battle of the Bulge.

Possibly the best WW2 movie since SPR. Blackhawk Down and Lone Survivor are pretty good war movies since then.

Agreed, but no SPR. Fury (not Nick Fury, that's another article) may reach their level or lower. SPR was not just one of the best WW2 movies ever, it was one of the best movies ever.

Arg. real Tiger from Bovington Tank museum. I dont care how cliched it is I WILL WATCH THIS

Best war movies since Saving Private Ryan are Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. Never saw a better double feature.
But since then, I'm okay with. ;)

Heh touché. Ill have to watch em.

Hmmm,. I'll agree that SPR is second to none in certain aspects but for a complete war movie about WW2 there is tough competition from Cross of Iron, Kelly's Heroes and A Bridge Too Far.

Is that Shia "artistically sitting with a paper bag over his head" LeBeouf (believe me it is on YouTube)? With a moustache? Will he be Shia LeBeouffing in this movie?

Can't argue with that, haven't watched em. Besides, a movie about saving the last son of this lady no matter who died, is bound to be better than a lot of movies, but not other WW2 movies. It's better than Pearl Harbor... But what isn't?

5 against 300...yep and its unbealivable...on the other hand they may all die which i hope happens. the problem with war films is A. they really big Americans up to be the big guns, B. they are very unbelievable , im not saying the things that happen didn't happen. 5 soldiers could well have gone up against 300 but they wouldn't last more than 10 mins...either way, ill probably watch it anyway...

looks good, might watch this when it comes out.

He could easily pass for his mid thirties.

Especially Russia.

Well there's nothing to stop those countries making films about their own experience of WW2. And of course of those fighting the Axis, the USSR had the highest numbers of soldiers.

The odd thing is how a scenario set in 1945 can be created to show the US Army as the plucky underdogs. At the time the Nazi war machine was on its knees and it was they would routinely fight battles outnumbered 60 to 1.

its called everyone loves an underdog. and america loves them the most. look at every war film..hell just every film from the US...the main character(s) will always be an underdog..even in superhero movies the hero will have a crisis that puts them down a rung or two

That haircut is from that era lol. Boardwalk empire much?

BUT did those two films feature a Tom Hanks vs. Tank scene? I think not, my friend.

oh no. It's Angelina that has the painting. WOW

True. The best underdog true life tale from this period would be five men in a tank taking on and beating a whole Division. Trouble is the tank was German and the Divison was British. Google "Michael Wittmann" or "Villers Bocage 1944"

I'm thinking...Memphis Belle in a tank.

He is 50 - not 51.

I love the smell of Oscar bait in the morning


Typical, a film that makes it look like the Yanks won the war!

All American BS....Jump in at the end of the plan and they think they won the war!

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