Will the directors of Frozen take our Oscar challenge?

News Simon Brew
28 Feb 2014 - 08:02

If Frozen wins an Oscar this weekend, and the word 'pineapple' comes up, er, this is why...

It's Friday, so we're allowed to post something like this. A week or two back, we got to sit down again with Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the directors (and in Lee's case, the writer as well) of Disney's Frozen.

At the time, the pair had just won the BAFTA for Best Animated Movie, and they're up for the same gong at the Oscars this weekend. So we asked them: if they win, have they been challenged to get a random word into their acceptance speech?

"Random word?", said Lee. "No! That's so funny". Sensing that this conversation had not been shut down, we pursued this. Chris Buck confirmed too that he had not been asked this before.

"It has to be utterly bizarre. Pineapple, or something like that. If you win, and one of you gets 'pineapple' into your speech...", we ventured. "What do we get?", grinned Chris.

We hadn't thought this through. "Er, a few quid to Children In Need? A Den Of Geek mug?"

They grinned at the thought of this. Those mugs are rare, after all. But will they do it? They left us on a cliffhanger there. But should Lee and Buck win Oscar gold over the weekend, and should they randomly say 'pineapple' in their speech, you now know why.

The full interview, where we asked grown-up questions, will be live in a few weeks...

Frozen is up for preorder on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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