First trailer for Disney's new animated film, Frozen

Trailer Simon Brew 18 Jun 2013 - 09:27

The story of The Snow Queen inches closer to the screen, with the first trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen...

In the history of Disney animation, things could have turned out a lot different where Frozen is concerned. For Frozen is the culmination of more than one attempt by Disney to bring Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Snow Queen, to the big screen. It notoriously got a little way down the road just over a decade ago, with a hand drawn project, before that was put on hold back in 2002. A more recent attempt stumbled too, and it's only now as the CG movie Frozen has Disney found a way to bring The Snow Queen to life.

Now, we've got the first trailer for the film too. It's due out before the end of the year, with Chris Buck (who directed Tarzan) and Jennifer Lee (screenwriter on Wreck-It Ralph) calling the shots. And here's how it's shaping up...

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... This doesn't fit into my definition of the word trailer...

this looks horrible

I'm reminded of the first preview for Ice Age. I'm also reminded of how much I miss well-made traditional hand-drawn animation.

That looks completely stupid. What an asinine first trailer. It doesn't tell you anything about the actual tale. I was so looking forward to a well-done drama harkening back to the days of Beauty and the Beast. What a complete disgrace to the legacy of Hans Christian Anderson.

I doubt this is actual footage from the film. Seems a bit like Scrat scene they released for Ice Age. The amount of time this film has taken to make it to release, I think it will be a well done movie.

That was horrible. Horrible. It's as if the creators had absolutely no idea what the story was. The mood is wrong, the tone is wrong, and don't get me started at the drawing style. What a disaster and what a way to ruin the eerie, chilled classic art of the original book. Tangled's art and style were exactly what Rapunzel's story needed. On the other hand, it's THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what The Snow Queen's book was all about. I am hating how disappointed I am with this catastrophe.

"The Snow Queen" has always been for me one of the darkest, eeriest tales, so I was hoping for a hand-drawn animation movie 'à la' "Sleeping Beauty", all lines and angles, darkish, cold mood, not-funny-sidekicks… Things I don't think we'll get on the upcoming movie if the tone or the style are like the ones shown in this teaser.

because that's just what The Snow Queen needed was a bumbling sidekick for comic relief... geeze Disney, can't you go out on a limb just once?

Disney used to be able to do creepy/dark once - see the Hunchback of Notre Dame - and still appeal to young viewers. Even Snow White wasn't the happiest, clappiest of movies, despite the dwarves and singing woodland creatures. That's the problem, I think. Whoever is in charge now does not seem to be able to understand that children are quite capable of grasping subtle concepts.

I'm not going to watch this.

Oh hello! A nice surprise to find you here! :D

I completely agree though. What this film needed was to go back to the charming quality of hand drawn animation. I miss the hand drawn animated style, it's what made Disney unique and stand out from the crowd. Now they're just a carbon copy of Pixar and Dreamworks and the others.

Disney are only destroying themselves.

I miss the days where everything was drawn and BY HAND. It took longer, but it was so authentic and worth it.

My turn to be surprised! =)

The problem is that CG-animation is apparently both cheaper and faster, which is a reason to why they closed their traditional animation studio the first time. Not helped that most of their movies between "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Princess and the Frog" were quite bad.

Yes you have a point there. I remember seeing Home on the Range and Treasure Planet. Both of those were cringe-worthingly bad.

I hope they don't stop the hand drawn animated films altogether, I actually prefer those type of films to the CGI animated films.

There were a few movies that I liked quite a bit, such as Tarzan and Atlantis. Although that is mostly because of my affinity to adventures set in Victorian/Edwardian times, as well as steampunk and pulp in general. Tangled was a rather good CG-animation, as they went for a look that nicely mimicked the traditional animation of the 90's, so there is hope.

Perhaps they're trying to attract the Ice Age crowd (didnt the last Ice Age film gross $800m??)

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