Is a Fringe movie on the cards?

News Simon Brew 16 Jul 2012 - 07:16

Might Fringe be heading to the movies once season five has finished?

One of the last pieces of news to come out of Comic-Con over the week saw the first proper hints being given that we might get a Fringe movie at some point in the future. They were vague hints, certainly, but we figured you'd want to hear them.

The fifth and final season of Fringe is set to premiere on 28th September, and at the Comic-Con panel for the show, actor John Noble said that "the film is very possible down the line". Furthermore, Joshua Jackson also added that "the show will live on in some form or another".

This may all be wishful thinking, of course, and the TV show has a proper ending apparently, so it doesn't sound like corners are being cut. Given that Fringe is the show that wouldn't die though, even when rumours of its demise were rife, we wouldn't be surprised if there's more to come, once that final episode of season five has been screened.


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tv shows very rarely translate to the big screen well, not that i would put much stock in actors brushing off slavish fan questions with non committal remarks as anything worth writing an article that a film might be in the works.

comics have proven a cheap enough drug for crazed fans who can't let shows pass on with dignity. and no one but the crazed fans are ever aware of the comics so there is no public embarrassment of fanservice.

and what is up with the header pic? it looks like some fan badly shopped it together and couldn't find a picture of the lead and so just picked a random blond in a blazer

I would love to see that, but I don't see it happening unfortunately. It's sad, but ratings have been going down for this incredible show, why would they make a movie then?

Give me an Observer initiated Armageddon, with the sacrifice of one of the universes and some key characters as the only way out, forget the flying creature things and we're good to go.

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