Dexter Fletcher departs Freddie Mercury biopic

News Simon Brew 14 Mar 2014 - 06:41

The Freddie Mercury biopic, starring Ben Whishaw, is looking for a new director following the departure of Dexter Fletcher.

The already-bumpy biopic of the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury has hit another problem, with the departure of Dexter Fletcher as director of the film.

Fletcher had landed the job off the back of his terrific second feature, Sunshine On Leith, but it seems his vision and that of GK Films chief Graham King were not in line. Given that Graham King is at least part-funding the picture, it's thus not a surprise that it's Fletcher who has left, with creative differences the apparent reason.

It was creative differences that led to original start Sacha Baron Cohen leaving the project too. Still, Ben Whishaw remains on board as the man set to play Mercury on the big screen. The problem facing those behind the film is that plans had been put in place to shoot this summer. Without a director, that suggests a further potential delay, and Whishaw is already committed to James Bond 24, which Sam Mendes is shooting from the end of this year.

The plan apparently is to keep that summer start date, and to get a new director on board in time. But the clock appears to be ticking quite loudly on this one. More as we hear it.


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Did Dexter Fletcher just want to break free?

Oh well, the show must go on!

Generic Queen pun!

I guess they're looking for One Vision, well here's hoping they get a breakthrough!

Apparently he mentioned something about wanting to spend more time riding his bicycle... and the difference of opinion only got worse from there.

Gk Films needs a flash of inspiration to get a director in time

First Sacha now Dexter, oh well - another one bites the dust. So Dexter and GK Films didn't share one vision? He obviously felt under pressure.
(don't stop me now).

Sunshine on Leith was definitely his Breakthru.

I'm still so disappointed that they cast Ben Whishaw. Sacha Cohen would've been amazing. Add to that the rumours that the existing bandmembers want to sanitize Freddie, to some degree at least, and I've pretty much lost interest. I was so stoked on this film a couple years ago.

shame, he's a nice director is Dexter. The creative differences I imagine were that Dexter was going to make a good film... and the producers and Queen band members probably want to make a poor one

According to what Brian May told the Rolling Stone those "rumours" are just lies he believes were fed to Deadline by Sacha's publicist to make Sacha look cool instead of failed for losing the job. The surviving Queen member have fully supported documentaries that were frank about Freddie's sexuality and the partying and drugs the band engaged in, and Sacha's career is essentially founded on deceiving people for his own advantage. The Freddie film has had the same Peter Morgan penned script the whole time and this new Deadline article says the movie is intended to be R-rated.

Spike !

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