Ben Wheatley secures funding for Freakshift

News Glen Chapman
30 Jul 2012 - 07:15

For what will be his fourth feature, director Ben Wheatley looks set to start filming Freakshift early next year.

It's been two for two so far for director Ben Wheatley, with his hugely impressive debut Down Terrace winning over critics and his follow up the brutal and brilliant Kill List proving a hit with genre fans last year. His third feature, Sightseers, looks promising too, with early word from Cannes being strong indeed.

With films of such quality under his belt, it seems as though the director is keen to try bigger and more ambitious projects, and Freakshift, which looks set to be his fourth feature, sounds to be just that. The high concept feature will feature a world where creatures emerge at night and terrorise the human citizens, leading the government to create a unit called Freakshift, whose job involves killing said creatures. Wheatley has previously stated that Nick Frost would star. The director describes the film as "like Hill Street Blues vs Monsters".

With higher concepts come greater budgets, so additional funding is required. The film will cost $15m to make, given that it's Wheatley's first American film, so adding another production company alongside his regular Rook Films and Film4 has been necessary. Said extra investment, then, comes in the form of a new American company called Lava Bear.

Once the November release of Sightseers is done and the promotional commitments that will come with it are out of the way, Wheatley hopes to have Freakshift ready for shooting in early 2013.

More news on Freakshift when we get it.


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