Sherlock director Paul McGuigan set for Frankenstein

News Simon Brew 6 Sep 2012 - 06:01

Max Landis' screenplay of Frankenstein now has a director attached to it...

Appreciating that we bang on about this quite a bit, one of the absolute highlights of the TV show Sherlock was the direction of Paul McGuigan. We distinctly remember watching the first episode of the series at a special preview, and being blown away by it. Rarely have we seen the rule of thirds quite so brilliantly applied on a television screen.

McGuigan has a feature background, with the impressive Gangster Number 1 and Lucky Number Slevin to his name, and unsurprisingly, his Sherlock work has been raising eyebrows. As such, it looks like he's heading back to the big screen.

The project that's lured him there is Fox's new Frankenstein movie. The film has been written by Chronicle's Max Landis, and while not too much is known about it so far, we know that Landis has gone back to the source text and tried to pen a purer adaptation.

McGuigan has confirmed his involvement with the project, which was first reported in Variety, and we await further details with keen interest.


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I wonder if "purer adaptation" mean another 'De Niro like' monster or will Fox insist on the more traditional 'bolts in the neck' approach to satisfy the mainstream expectation?

Once again, similar movies coming out in close proximity to each other - Stuart Beattie's I, Frankenstein is due next year...

Expecting a Jack Pierce style Frankenstein makes no sense ToonMonkey, that's like saying that every werewolf should look like the one in American Werewolf in London because Baker's excellent special effects. They will probably read once again the novel's vague description and give it yet another interpretation . I really don't think that "bolts in the neck " approach is what everybody is expecting, like you suggest.

If they can do a unique spin but keep with the original material then could could turn out really well. It's strange because I was thinking a few months ago that Micheal Clarke Duncan would have been a very good monster.

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