Jason Sudeikis to take lead in Fletch remake

News Simon Brew
11 Mar 2014 - 06:53

The new take on Fletch is finally going ahead, and Jason Sudeikis is set to star in it...

A project that's been on Hollywood's remake radar for a long time now - Kevin Smith was developing it at one stage - has been Fletch. The original proved to be a solid hit, with Chevy Chase in the title role. That was in turn based on the novels by Gregory McDonald.

Mind you, Chase's take on Fletch wasn't too heavily informed by the original novels, but the new Fletch is going to be. It's being developed by producers Steve Golin, Michael Sugar and David List, and they're on the lookout for a director for the film.

It looks like they have their star, though. Jason Sudeikis, off the back of his 2013 hit We're The Millers, has landed the role of Fletch. The project is currently going under the title of Fletch Won, has been set up at Warner Bros, and is being described as a "gritty action comedy".

Grit is the in-thing in Hollywood, it seems.

More news on Fletch Won as we get it. If it hits big, plans are afoot for a comedy franchise here...

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