Uh-oh: Flatliners remake pressing ahead

News Simon Brew 27 Feb 2013 - 06:40

Not so good news: Flatliners is getting a remake. Better news: it's got some good people involved...

The pillaging of the movies of the 90s has been underway for sometime, as Hollywood executives scour their back catalogues for possible remakes. And it looks as if Flatliners is next up. This was a project first murmured about two years ago, but it seems as if it's got fresh wind.

The original Flatliners was directed by Joel Schumacher, and featured Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon and William Baldwin. And the central premise of it was a bunch of medical students who basically let each other die for a minute or two, before bringing each other back to life. That way, they could explore what lies beyond death. Red coats, if memory serves.

It's not a perfect film, but it's a good and interesting one. And while, as is usually the case with such projects, it's hardly crying out for a remake, it's at least got some good people involved.

On writing duties for the new Flatliners is Ben Ripley, who penned Source Code. And Bloody Disgusting now reports that a director has been hired. Niels Arden Oplev is signing up to the project, and his highest profile piece of work to date is the original movie version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

As with the RoboCop remake/reboot that's currently being worked on, the idea of a Flatliners remake isn't one that fills us with glee. But given the calibre of the talent on board, it'd be remiss to write it off.

Bloody Disgusting.

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*punches self in face*

*Sigh* Is nothing sacred? Is there nothing they wont leave alone??

yet more terrible news from Hollywood!

The original was flawed, but worked mostly for the stars. That can't be replicated.

Oh, and while the movie did come out in 1990, it really belongs in the "80's" movies catagory.

I am SO past caring about remakes now.

When Hollywood first started remaking classics my initial reaction was anger. It started (for me) when they tried to remake Ringu (The Ring). I love the Japanese version. It was tense, scary, and on a budget. The US version was not tense, not scary, and the budget was higher and effectively ruined the ending and what made Ringu so scary.

Recent remakes like Fright Night and Total Recall (Both staring Colin Farrell who apparently will yes to anything to make some money) for me, just highlight how good the originals are and how a remake will (99% of the time anyway 'The Departed' was better than the original') never better the original.

All it does is make you want to watch the original, and this is not a bad thing!

In fact, I'm off to watch Flatliners...

I went to the cinema to see the original and was bored by it. Maybe it's finer points were lost to my teenage self, but I could never understand where the movie earned it's cult reputation. Maybe, doubtfully, a remake will interest me more. This is just indicative to me how Hollywood would much rather remake a sub-standard story from a mediocre movie rather than adapt a novel, or Heaven forbid, produce an original script.

Never thought there was much to the original.

I liked Flatliners, but am hardly impressed that the remake is being written by the guy who wrote Source Code. That movie looked terrible.

That movie "looked" terrible? You haven't seen it? That's not a very good basis for your judgment is it?

Sheesh - they will be remaking Police Academy next!

Departed was better? In a parallel universe maybe. DiCaprio & Nicholson are *great* in the film, Scorsese does a good job. Other than that I've never seen why anyone would prefer it to the original.

Maybe if you aren't into HK movies, and love movies dripping with OTT blarney... (eye-roll).

It was a slow, boring, crappy movie.

Bad movies are perfect fodder for remakes. They couldn't make it worse, after all.

I love the original. In my mind it's (gasp) a much better film than The Lost Boys. *Waits for tide of abuse to wash over him*

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