Confirmed: Flash Gordon movie reboot back on the cards

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23 Apr 2014 - 06:21

UPDATE: 20th Century Fox has now snapped up the movie rights to Flash Gordon.

UPDATE: 20th Century Fox has now acquired the big screen rights to Flash Gordon. As we reported below, the screenplay will indeed be penned by J D Payne and Patrick McKay. This is a big step forward for the project, and with Fox's backing, we'd imagine this one's now going to happen.

Our original story from last week follows.

In the last decade, there's already been an attempt to bring Flash Gordon back to the big screen, with director Breck Eisner (The Crazies) at one stage attached to the project. A relatively unsuccessful small screen series has happened in that time, but a new Flash Gordon movie has been stuck in limbo.

However, it's now being reported that a fresh attempt is being made to bring Flash Gordon back to the big screen. J D Payne and Patrick McKay, a pair of writers who also have the script for the next Star Trek film on their slate, have apparently put together a possible new direction on Flash Gordon in conjunction with producer Jon Davis, one that goes back to the core of Alex Raymond's original comics.

There's still some way to go through, as they're "now in the process of making a studio deal". Should they lure a studio in, then it might just be that Flash Gordon may, once more, be approaching. Until then, we'll always have Sam J Jones, Brian Blessed and that Queen soundtrack. We'll lay off on the 'approaching' gags when we bring you the next update on the film though...

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