Your bad movie choices for a first date

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Dinner and a movie is a classic first date combo, but be careful about the movie - it could doom your relationship before it even starts...

Every now and then, we ask a frivolous question over Twitter, which, in your fine hands, is lifted to something just a little more interesting. So, one day the other week, with the coffee pot empty, we asked you this: what movies have you seen on a first date, that in part contributed to the premature end of the relationship?

Most of your best responses, collated here, fitted that brief. We've allowed one or two we liked anyway to slip through...


@Justlookinjenny - American Haunting, AFTER I'd told him I didn't like horror films

@ronvanrutten - Went on a date and saw First Wives Club. I wanted to end it all there and then.

@mrs_moog - I once went on a date with a guy who took me to see the Lenny Henry film True Identity... Yeah, there was no second date!

@shoutybeardyguy - Final Destination 2 - she chose the film, was stoned and bought a friend along. Things didn't go well.


@RWWFilm - I went on a first date and selected a little art house movie called Breaking The Waves. Never saw that girl again.

@ryanlambie - Seven. Turns out she didn't like serial killer movies.

@autocratik - Last Boy Scout. Dumped after taking GF to see that one. She said it was a horrible movie. (It's not, it's fantastic!)

@maidincaithness - Dog Soldiers. Girl at the time had no taste and slated it. Put me right off her

@edronmonds - Fatal Attraction killed a date stone dead a while back...


@unknownshoulder - I went on a date to see Junior. We never stood a chance.

@Frell_Me_Dead - Yes, Cronenberg's Dead Ringers crushed young teenage love.

@TheJackSack - STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT- I could say we were doomed since Wolf 359, but golly did we argue when Zefram Cochrane went to warp.

@youngie88 - I took my girlfriend to see Happiness on one of our first dates

@derrewynlillic - Richie Rich. First and last date.

@LTAfoodServices - Highlander 3 as a first date...

@girlonfilmblog - Revolutionary Road. Good film, but bit of a poor choice, looking back.

@orangewarrior - Friend of mine brought a girl on a 1st date to the opening night of Requiem for a Dream. *shudder*

@finnegan339 - I went with a bunch of couples to see The Break Up. Some of the relationships didn't last the night, all were done by week's end

@evilnoodle - Scary Movie 3. He laughed like a drain. I realised we had nothing in common.


@KTsqueak - The Bone Collector was an ... interesting first date movie. More fun than the rest of the date as it turned out


@nidhighe - I took my girlfriend to Schumacher's Batman & Robin for her birthday. She forgave me.

@jamesmoran - First movie date: Apt Pupil. Shouldn't have worked, but proved we were right for each other (now married)...

@lynmie1 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World almost broke up my parents on their first date because my father was laughing so hard [We like your dad...!]


@meandmybigmouth - Mermaids. During the scene when Christina Ricci nearly drowns my date burst into tears. Her sister had drowned a year before.


@stewartwpringle - The Net. Supposed to be my first ever date, when I told her what we were seeing she dropped out and I had to bring my dad.

Any more for any more? Leave your first date movie stories in the comments below...

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Big Momma's House.... Not the worst film I've watched at the cinema, but the worst I could have picked for a first date. Although, against all those odds, we are still together, married and have 2 wonderful boys. Sometimes it just works out!

I took my girlfriend on a first date to the press screening of Taken, for Den of Geek, she loved it and now she's my wife. That's the power of Neeson!

I saw American beauty on a first date, he didn't like it, I loved it, we didn't go on a second date.

Couple of weeks ago went to Lone Survivor. Thankfully she enjoyed it as much as I did (which is to say a lot) and things have gone well since then.

My parents (My dad and my step mom) first date movie was Flesh Gordon. I'm proud of them for that!

Star Wars Episode One, that POS was directly responsible for setting back my first ever kiss a further 2 years.

Not a first date, but I knew my ex and I were not meant to be when he laughed like a drain at Ted and I sat there wanting to die. I'd paid for the tickets as well.

Hostel... was a choice for me... lets say we didn't last the night.

In and Out - Kevin Kline plays a teacher outed on national telly. #

Good film but ...

I went to see the Anti-Christ on a date, it was the most awkward experience of my life. If you are planning on having sex after the date, watching someone cut off their clit is not a good way to go about it.

After having asked her out to the cinema, and never really getting to the cinema in our first couple months together, we finally decided to go and see "The Number 23". We spent the rest of the evening (and over breakfast the next morning) making eachother laugh, bashing the ridiculous movie. Even now, seven years and two kids later, it still raises a chuckle when one of us mentions it.

Took my girlfriend at the time to see Armageddon. Her dad had died a week earlier. Possibly worst date ever.

I recently took a girl to see this tiny Scottish movie called For Those In Peril, which is a grindingly slow, achingly sad drama for 75 minutes and a hyper-violent supernatural horror for the last 20. We didn't go out again.

It not going well after watching Star Trek: First Contact... resistance clearly wasn't futile...

A girl I like said she never saw/didn't know of 'Back to the Future' but enjoyed the Lindsay Lohan crapfest 'I know who killed me'. I'm still thinking to teach her what good movies are or to give it a pass at all.

I took a date to see Up. She spent the whole film sobbing and took the bus home afterwards. I had driven us there. The worst part is that I'd already seen it and knew exactly what to expect, but still thought it'd make a good date movie.

Still not as bad as my friend who took a first date to see Blue Valentine, though. He watched the trailer and thought it would be a quirky-yet-sweet romance flick. Amazingly, they're still together.

Didn't even reach the cinema

Me - Whats your favourite film ever?
Her - Avatar
Me - I don't think this is going to work.

As for the person who said Revolutionary Road. Yeah, that wasnt a good choice.

I remember seeing Shame and the cinema was filled with couples. Like they were going to go near each other after that...

Myself and a lady friend after a nice meal, spontaneously decided to go to a movie and picked one at Random. We chose "Downfall". Brilliant film - bad date movie.

It's an amazing film, you're better off without him ;)

Is Flesh Gordon the porno remake...?

I had a date where we went to see "Wallace And Gromit: The Of The Were-Rabbit".

We've been married two and a half years now. That'll do, lass.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was so bloody long.

My bro and his girlfriend set me up on a double date with her best friend. We decided to go and see Kick-Ass only for me to discover that my date couldn't stand violence or gore and she ended up spending most of the film with her hands over her eyes.

Took a girl to Devil's Rejects for first date - she enjoyed it more than me. Put me right off her.

Good lord I hope so!

I went on a first-date to see Last Exit to Brooklyn with no idea what the film was about. Pretty harrowing throughout, the rape scene it particular cut to the bone and wasn't exactly happy, jolly, first-date material. I never saw the girl I was with again unsurprisingly!

Took a girl to see Black Rain on a first date - Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia (1989) - she hated it, I thought it was okay, we only had about 2 or 3 months together. Got it right the next time a year or so later with 'Green Card' rom-com, she loved it and 23 years later we're still going strong :)

Took a girl i'd met on a dating site to see Watchmen of all things. Was fine until Dr Manhattan and his glowing blue genitalia turned up. Got slightly worse as she got bored and she dozed off at the two hour mark. Gently woke her up as the credits rolled to find her tired, annoyed and confused as to who i was and where we were. There was no second date.

A charming heartwarming tale of drug abuse and domestic violence. Nil By Mouth. Been married for nearly 14 years

One of my first dates with my now wife was to see Shaun of the Dead. At the time her geekiness extended to Buffy & Angel and she wasn't really sure what to think - have managed to fully convert her now! :)

The Crying Game. Still together and married!

1984 was a pretty dreadful choice. We didn't even get the same bus home.

Saw Passion of the Christ as first film together. Obviously worked as now married, wasn't a church wedding mind.

It's an awful first date...Going somewhere where you've both gotta sit in silence.

Not that we're still together but an ex and I were exactly the same after seeing it until we split up. Most unitentionally funny film I have ever seen in my life. Black bags, sheep and a bus = number 23 or some other drivel that magically adds up to 23 :)
Awful awful film. But also good lol

I Saw The Devil - perhaps not the best first date movie :)

I was taken to see Coyote Ugly....I think my sense of humor about his choice is why we're still together.

Picked Zodiac to see on a first date because I was desperate to see it. Didn't go very well. Apparently, devoting my entire attention to the movie was not what he had in mind.

It didn't last very long.

Zack and Miri Make A Porno. She knew I liked Star Wars, so when those scenes came up, she gave me this super awkward look. The whole movie was awkward. Luckily, I am still with her!

Atonement: Great film but she kept farting all the way through it. Which was most off-putting.
A few years later I took a first date to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. She loved it. I hated it. Awkward conversation afterwards ensued. After that I stopped going to the cinema as a first date.

Wasn't the first date (that was Deathly Hallows part 1 - worked out well) but it was one of the first. Black Swan. Well done, Past-Me, taking your strict Catholic, Conservative girlfriend to that mind screw was your best idea ever! [/sarcasm]

I was hoping someone was going to mention either Happiness or Closer. A friend of mine saw Closer with her father (thinking, oh, a nice Julia Roberts Jude Law movie). Awkwarrrrrrrd.....

Took my girlfriend to see Raiders of the Lost Arc for our first date. I'd seen it the week before and it seemed a good excuse to watch it again. Still married after 30 years so I must be doing something right!

Not strictly a date, but on my sister's 15th birthday party we chose Saving Private Ryan. The group that emerged was solemn, emotionally drained and no longer in the mood for birthday fun.
Then there was my 6th birthday party, when Harry and the Hendersons was full so the ushers told my mum Masters of the Universe would be a great alternative...I was enjoying it but several of my friends started crying or were sick and we had to leave.

Anyone went to see the Human Centipede on a first date?

My girlfriend from Chicago was stuck in London thanks to terrible weather. Faced with the possible scenario of being away from her family over the holiday season, I took her to a repertory screening of Lethal Weapon mere days before Christmas AND made her stay for the end credits so we could listen to that brilliant Honeymoon Suite song. It could have gone terribly wrong. We are now married.

She has not, however, seen it since and has turned down every suggestion to watch it.

First ever date was The Living Daylights in 1987 with Julie Britten. She chose it and left halfway through (it was the film she didn't like).

I stayed and watched it because I was enjoying it!

My parents first date movie was the sound of music, my mum told my dad it was a war film about people on the run from the nazis! My dad must have forgiven her because 45 years later they are still married

Blue Valentine. No more explanation needed.

Me and my girlfriend went to see Wreck-It Ralph. We're still together a year after.

Stargate.. free tickets... been married about... how old is that movie???? she still watches the extended DVD every now and then...I hate Stargate.... but she's alright :-)

A friend once persuaded his girlfriend to see The Devil's Advocate (on a double date with me and my girlfriend) by claiming it was a romcom. The first 20 minutes were "ooh, they're just like us". She finished sitting as far apart from him as she could manage in adjacent cinema seats.

Kind of. It came out in the 70s, so it was mostly a parody of the serials.

Takeshi's Zatoichi. Less a "somehow it worked out", more two people who find films with both dance routines and decapitations enjoyable finding each other. Happy tenth anniversary djinja_ninja!

On the subject of Breaking the Waves, I rented that from Stockport library without knowing anything about it and showed it to my parents on the basis of us all liking Europa.

"Where in the library was this, under the bloody counter?"

The Core. Cant remember anything about either the date or the film.

i'd have let the ushers wake her up

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - all was going smoothly with the date, until the kid sitting next to me threw up... and sat there for about 20 minutes before leaving. Urgghhh, the smell still haunts me to this day.

There was a moment there were I thought you and I had gone on a date. A guy took me to Big Momma's House on a first (and last) date. As far as I know I'm not married and I don't think I had two sons so it probably wasn't you who took me.

I can't spell. Now aren't you glad you didn't marry me.

Not quite the first date movie (that was star trek first contact), but 2nd or 3rd was Event Horizon.

Never did see the ending of that one.

I took my wife on our first date to The Abyss. She didn't relate to a movie about underwater aliens. Also, I wore white pants and a yellow shirt ( it was 1989!). She was ready to bail but then I took her to (unknown to me at the time) her favorite restaurant. She enjoyed the conversation, and so she gave me a second chance. She picked out my outfit for the second date. We are still together, and she still picks out my clothes....

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